Meghalaya education minister Lahkmen Rymbui while briefing the media on Thursday
Meghalaya education minister Lahkmen Rymbui while briefing the media on Thursday|EastMojo

Meghalaya introduces new norms to set up schools, get affiliation

Meghalaya Cabinet sets up new norms for grant-in-aid to schools, obtaining recognition and affiliation from Meghalaya Board of School Education

Princess Giri Rashir

Princess Giri Rashir

Shillong: Setting up of schools and obtaining recognition and affiliation from the Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBoSE) will no longer be an easy task now in Meghalaya, since the Cabinet on Thursday decided to set up new norms.

During a media briefing, education minister Lahkmen Rymbui said that earlier the grant-in-aid to schools was provided by the government without any rules and regulations.

In order to streamline the education sector, the department has amended the rules. Any person or managing committee who wants to start a school will have to meet the following criteria approved by the Cabinet:

* They will have to have proper land. If the school is set up in the urban area then they should have a minimum land of 2.5 acres and if in the rural area a 3.5 acre land is needed.

* The sponsoring body should have at least a contingency fund of 3 months to meet the salaries of the teachers.

* All the teachers should meet the criteria as prescribed by NCTE or the authority as the case may be.

* The setup of the building and location will have to meet the safety criteria as per the Disaster Management Rules, the school should get the NOC of the concerned deputy commissioner and Superintendent of Police.

Rymbui highlighted the need for open space for students to play during breaks since most of the schools that have been set up do not even have a proper playground. Or either the schools are set up in a congested area causing traffic.

Rymbui stated that as for schools wanting affiliation they would be under probation for two years. And based on their performances during this interim the will be granted permanent affiliation by MBoSE.

“There was a need for setting up these norms because there are some schools which have been set up 20 or 30 years back and are performing well are not getting any grant-in-aid. And the schools which are recently set up and who do not meet the requirements are being provided with the grant-in-aid,” said Rymbui.

However, providing the grant-in-aid will be provided as and when the resources is available with the government.

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