Former GS Massar (left) being felicitated by Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court in 2018
Former GS Massar (left) being felicitated by Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court in 2018|File image / The Shillong Times

Meghalaya: Former law minister Ganold S Massar passes away at 81

Former Meghalaya law minister GS Massar, who was also CEM of KHADC and president of High Court Bar Association for many terms, passes away in Shillong; he was 81

Princess Giri Rashir

Princess Giri Rashir

Shillong: Former Meghalaya law minister Ganold S Massar passed away at Super Care Hospital in Shillong on Wednesday. He was 81.

Massar was a former Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) chief executive member and president of the High Court Bar Association, a post that he held for many terms.

Chief Justice of the High Court of Meghalaya Justice Mohammad Rafiq expressed his condolence on the demise of Massar.

The Chief Justice called him a highly respected and renowned senior advocate of Northeast India. Expressing his heartfelt condolences to the members of the bereaved family, the Chief Justice said that Massar was known throughout the country for his acumen and forensic knowledge in almost all fields of law.

“I had the occasion to hear him in many matters. Late Massar used to be fully prepared with his briefs and was always concise and focused, was courteous to the court and fellow advocates and was always eager to help the younger members of the Bar. He will always be remembered with a sense of gratitude for hosting a reception of the Bar Association in my honour when I joined here as Chief Justice, His demise has caused a vacuum in the legal world which will be difficult to fill,” said Chief Justice Rafiq.

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