Dr Balnamchi Sangma driving an ambulance to ensure that the patient, a pregnant woman, reached hospital in time Credit: EastMojo image

Shillong: How often do you find a doctor driving a patient in an ambulance? Dr Balnamchi Sangma, a doctor at Garobadha PHC in West Garo Hills, just did, and is winning hearts on social media.

Knowing that one of the patients, a pregnant woman at her hospital, needed to be shifted to a nearby hospital, as one of the drivers was on leave and no other ambulance was available, Sangma went out of her way to drive the ambulance to the Maternity and Child Hospital (MCH) in Tura.

Sangma drove the ambulance to the hospital, approximately 36 km away, not realising that her initiative will become viral on social media. As she drove the ambulance, it made people around her take out their mobile phones and capture the deed. After she reached MCH, people were gawking at her on seeing a woman driver driving an ambulance.

I don’t think what I did was so huge, it was just an act of kindness, said Dr Balnamchi Sangma

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While speaking with EastMojo, Sangma said, “One of the patients was going into labour, and there have been several cases where women give birth prior to their due date. The mother was asked to do a sonography, but she had denied which became a problem for us to know the condition of the baby. With the complications, we then decided to shift her to MCH. On that very day, employees of 108 services, a state ambulance service, was on strike and our driver was on casual leave. So I had no other option but to drive the ambulance myself. Since the family wasn’t from a well-to-do family, I couldn’t ask them to arrange a vehicle and hire one. So, I had a driving licence and knew that this would be the best solution to shift the patient safely.”

If Sangma and the staff did not take the quick decision, there could have been major complications. “It was a risky situation, the mother could have a normal delivery but if delayed and also not knowing the situation of the baby, things could have gone worst,” she added.

Sangma was surprised with the amount of attention that she has garnered.

“It’s high time that people should come out of their comfort zone and do a little act of kindness towards the society. Even though coming out of that comfort zone maybe difficult but trying it won’t be hard,” said Sangma.

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