The chocolate called ‘Choco Dose’ looks like a syringe
The chocolate called ‘Choco Dose’ looks like a syringe|EastMojo image

Drugs? How a ‘syringe chocolate’ is inducing fear in Shillong

A chocolate being sold by the name of ‘Choco Dose’ in Bara Bazar is raising suspicion among locals that some narcotic substances could be used to make it

Bracy Nongrum

Guwahati: In the wake of a rise in the drug menace in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) has opposed the sale of a chocolate made in the shape of syringes.

The chocolate, that comes by the name of ‘Choco Dose’ is being sold in Bara Bazar (Iewduh) and looks like a syringe, thereby raising the suspicion that some narcotic substances could be used to make it.

The move was taken over the concern of a few parents who were worried of their children consuming the liquid substance which appears like an injection with the chocolate filling inside.

The youth council “banned” the sale of this chocolate in each shop of Bara Bazar in the heart of Shillong.

Speaking with EastMojo, HYC general secretary Enlang Sawian said, “It is like teaching the young children how to use drugs. And what's more dangerous is that the drugs dealer may trick the young children through this chocolate filled in a syringe-like container and also to induce the young children to use drugs.”

Earlier this month, the Meghalaya Police posted a witty tweet regarding the menace in the city over some drug-peddlers selling drugs in the guise of Rasna powder to the addicts.

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