Manipur: Meitei community held candlelight vigil for two students in Mangalore

Imphal: The Meitei community residing in Mangalore gathered at the iconic Clock Tower on Thursday evening to hold a candlelight vigil in memory of two young students who tragically lost their lives at the hands of armed miscreants in Manipur.

The evening began with a sombre atmosphere as many Meiteis, along with members of other communities, came together to pay their respects to the departed souls. Holding flickering candles, they stood near the Clock Tower, their faces reflecting sorrow and determination in equal measure.

A prominent feature of the vigil was the two-minute silence observed to honour the memory of the two students, Hijam Linthoingambi and Phijam Hemanjit. The silence was filled with the weight of the collective grief and outrage felt by the community over the senseless loss of these two promising young lives.

During this moving gathering, the Meitei community also voiced their demand for justice. Banners and placards with slogans such as “Justice for Linthoingambi and Hemanjit” and “Killing students = Killing all of humanity” were held aloft, conveying the community’s unwavering resolve to see those responsible for this tragedy brought to justice.

A touching moment of the vigil was the showcase of placards with a heartfelt poem titled “Farewell Sister” dedicated to Hijam Linthoingambi. Kiranjit Mayengbam, a Meitei student currently studying in Mangalore, composed the emotional poem. The verses captured the essence of the young student’s life, dreams, and the profound impact she had on those who knew her. It served as a poignant reminder of the irreplaceable void left by her untimely demise.

Speaking at the vigil, Kiranjit Mayengbam said, “We gather here today not only to remember Linthoingambi and Hemanjit but also to demand justice for them. They were students, full of dreams and aspirations, and their lives were cut short by an act of violence that should never have occurred. Let us not rest until those responsible are held accountable.”

The candlelight vigil at Clock Tower, Mangalore, was not just an event but a symbol of a community coming together in the face of tragedy. It highlighted the need for peace and unity and the unshakeable resolve to seek justice for the departed souls.

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As the candles flickered in the gentle breeze, the words of “Farewell Sister” resonated through the hearts of those present, serving as a constant reminder of the profound loss and the unwavering quest for justice. The Meitei community, together with their fellow citizens, left the vigil with a renewed commitment to ensure that the memories of Linthoingambi and Hemanjit would forever shine as beacons of hopefor a just and peaceful society.

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