Manipur Superstar Kaiku quits BJP amid state turmoil

In conversation with Waari Singbul, Manipur film star Kaiku Rajkumar reaffirmed his intention to leave the BJP amid the state’s prolonged turmoil, emphasizing his commitment to prioritize the interests of the public over those of the party. Kaiku lamented the government’s lack of proactive measures in addressing the persistent public unrest that has plagued Manipur for over four months.

Feeling disgruntled by what he saw as the government’s ineffective response to the ongoing turmoil in Manipur and the tragic murder of two young students, the renowned Manipuri film actor, Rajkumar Kaiku, decided to resign as a primary member of the saffron party.

Kaiku, who has an impressive filmography with over 400 films, including two Kuki movies, submitted his resignation letter to the state party leadership on Thursday afternoon, despite their attempts to persuade him to reconsider his decision.

Hailing from the Thangmeiband area in Imphal West district, Kaiku had run as an Independent candidate in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and later joined the BJP in November 2021. As a celebrated film personality, Kaiku had played a pivotal role in mobilizing significant support for the saffron party during the last state assembly elections held in March of the previous year, ultimately helping the party secure an absolute majority with 32 seats out of 60.

Speaking with Waari Singbul on Wednesday evening, Kaiku reiterated his commitment to prioritizing the interests of the public over those of the party during these challenging times. He expressed his disappointment that the government had yet to take effective measures to address the prolonged public unrest in the state, which has persisted for over four months.

Kaiku also shared his belief that he could serve the people better by stepping away from BJP, as his actions would be less constrained by the rules of a political party. He had initially joined the BJP with the hope that it would bring significant positive changes to the state through its “double engine government.” While he acknowledged some improvements, such as in the tourism sector under Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, he felt that the central leaders had failed to address the ongoing issues adequately, disappointing the people’s expectations.

He explained that he decided to leave the party and align himself with the people’s movement to voice their concerns against the perceived neglect. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing peace and joining the people’s movement, echoing the sentiment that “public comes first, party comes second.”

Kaiku noted that the current turmoil had hindered the development progress that Manipur had experienced in recent years. He appealed to all sections of society to come together to find a lasting solution to the ongoing unrest.

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With regard to his potential participation in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Kaiku stated that he had not made a definite decision about electoral politics. However, he expressed his commitment to working alongside the people to restore normalcy in the state.

Kaiku also reached out to his Chin Kuki friends, urging them to recognize the ulterior motives of a select few and work together to bring peace and stability to Manipur. He emphasized the need to avoid hatred and demands for a separate administration while seeking a peaceful resolution.

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