Noney: Over the past week, incessant rainfall has caused havoc and paralysed daily activities in many parts of the northeast region, including Manipur. However, students at the Kabui Khullen primary school in the Noney district continue to attend classes. Thankfully for them, their teacher has also shown the same level of enthusiasm.

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Aron Bariamtak, 27, serving as a volunteer teacher since 2020, said due to incessant rainfall over the week, every classroom is either full of water or is witnessing ‘water fountain’ emerging from all sides. However, students have not skipped classes.

“Both students and teachers are engaged in our daily activities despite the difficulties. And we put our best effort by gathering students in a room which has less water,” said Aron.

The Kabui Khullen primary school, the lone government school in the village, was established in 1973. However, the village shifted to another location after an earthquake struck in 2016.

The village of 50 households is located 17 km from Noney district headquarters.

The village authority constructed a temporary school in the new location for students to continue their schooling until the government build a proper building. However, till now, neither the government nor other agencies have constructed a proper school building despite repeated requests to the concerned authority, informed Aron.

Besides having no proper school building and basic facilities like benches and desks, Aaron claimed that government-deputed teachers in the primary school neglected their duties for years.

During the pandemic, the village authority in collaboration with the Kabui Khullen students’ organisation ran the school by deputing teachers from students’ organisations voluntarily.

After the pandemic, other volunteer teachers left the voluntary teaching. However, Aron continues to teach the students until now and four other teachers engaged by the village authority.

“No matter how difficult, it is our sole responsibility to frame the future for our younger ones. And I love to serve my people wholeheartedly,” said Aron, a post-graduate student from Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Makhan in political sciences and human rights.

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