Guwahati: The CBI court at Ghaziabad has on Wednesday ordered a reinvestigation into Pravish Chanam’s mysterious death case.

The court accepted the family’s protest petition requesting the case to be investigated by another competent CBI officer after the previous report concluded their son’s death to be a normal one.

Pravish Chanam, a 22-year-old from Manipur, was visiting Noida to attend the ‘Road to Ultra’ concert by Chain Smokers on September 8, 2017. After a series of unfortunate events, the youngster died the next day, and his body was sent for autopsy and cremated by the cops, with consent from hospital authorities.

Noida police, in its report, had stated that the body was ‘unclaimed’, hence the decision, despite the family having filed a missing person’s complaint.

The CBI court further expressed complete discontentment with the “shoddy investigation” done by UP Police in the case “with sinister potential with regard to human life”. “Such manner shown by the police strikes a blow at rule of law,” said the court recalling Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer’s statement – “Who will police the Police?”

The CBI Ghaziabad court had heard final arguments in the protest petition on September 15 in the case.

Making a number of observations, the court found that crucial information was missing and something more than what was being portrayed through sketched illustrations was going on.

“The intention to outwit and hoodwink the court with the almost deluded closure report thus becomes latently apparent. Thus, in considered view of this court, further investigation is required to be done,” the CBI court ordered.

“The request petition has been allowed and the court has passed the order for further investigation in the case. The Director-General of Uttar Pradesh Police has been asked to take strict action against all the erring officials involved in the investigation of the case,” Dushyant Kumar, the advocate representing the family’s case, informed EastMojo.

The court also noted lapses on the part of UP Police, which had hauled the case with open ends. “The court is in deep pain to note that due to such lapses, the parents and family of the deceased did not even get a chance to see the dead body of the deceased or to perform the last rites of their late son,” read the order passed by Special CBI Judge Shivank Singh.

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Speaking to EastMojo, Pravish Chanam’s father Jugindro Singh said, “I am very-very happy because it pains me to see people from the Northeast face racism in the mainland. This is not just a step forward for my family, but for many other people from our region. This will not bring my son back to life but this was needed to ensure that the same does not happen with any other student or person from Northeast India in any other part of the country.”

The case was registered by CBI on July 5, 2019, in pursuance of a notification issued
by Govt. Of U.P. and a notification issued by Govt. Of India in the investigation of an FIR (No. 1023/2017 of PS Sector 20, District Gautam Buddha Nagar, U.P. u/s 302, 201 IPC) complaint relating to his murder.

The case was, however, concluded as normal death, and the investigation officer had stated that there was no criminal intent behind it. Chanam’s family suspects that their son had either been murdered or something criminal had happened with him.

The family had filed a petition requesting the court to order a reinvestigation by a competent investigation officer of the CBI, replacing the present investigating officer.

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