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Ukhrul: Amid the worst outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, a 62-year-old farmer in a remote village of Manipur‘s Ukhrul district has devised his own, unique steam inhaler in a bid to combat the deadly coronavirus.

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Although there is no scientific evidence that steam inhalation can help in fighting COVID-19, experts advise that it may help to decrease the respiratory issues and and congestion problems in the nasal passage and airways.

Shimreiyo Haorei, a resident of Khamasom Khullen village, said he has been using this homemade steam inhaler for years as a home remedy to get relief from symptoms of cold anad other related infections.

For flavour, said the father of six children, he usually adds locally-found herbs like black pepper and lemongrass.

“We have been following this practice whenever we get ailments like common cold, sore throat or fever. Sometimes, we remove our shirt and wrap ourselves with a blanket, sit on a stool and thrust the steam-mouth inside to feel the heat and the flavour,” said Shimreiyo.

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However, these days, we are not adding any flavour but only water for hot steam to combat the virus, he added.

Initially, he came up with the idea to kill the weeds growing in his courtyard. Later, he turned it to treat the -related ailments and even backache of his family members.

Since the second wave triggered the country, including his village with one positive case, many villagers, according to Shimreiyo, have now adopted the method and started their own homemade steamer as a precautionary measure.

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