The inner hall stage of the structure | EastMojo image

Imphal: Most people think that bamboo structures, while eco-friendly, can only hold a few people. However, Senapati district residents in Manipur constructed a hall using bamboo and other eco-friendly materials. 

The bamboo structure can hold up to 5,000 people. It came up during the Laii (Vafiimai) Baptist Church Platinum celebration at Laii village, a distance of over 100 km from Imphal.

Speaking to EastMojo, Hriini Winsworth Chapao, the main architect of the bamboo structure, said it took about one month to complete the jubilee hall with more than 20 workers involved in the initiative.

The theme of the stage is ‘Go green and stay natural’.

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The main stage was seen decorated with vegetables and a replica of seed sowing field signifying their roots and culture.

As informed by the architect, almost all the decorative items were natural products except the veil clothes used at the main stage are artificial decorative items. They spent only around Rs 15,000 for the entire jubilee and the stage.

“As the world races along with scientific technology and its products in every field, I want to show that with God’s giving nature, we can create such wonders,” said Chapao.

The bamboo structure not only gives natural tones but also promotes greater environmental awareness.

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