Beekeeper Joyful Shimray checking his bee box Credit: EastMojo image

Kamjong: Beekeeping has been an integral part of the agriculture activities in Manipur, especially among the tribal communities as they hunt and collect organic wild honey from deep within the forests. Considering the surge in demand for raw honey, the traditional practices of beekeeping still continue in many households in the hills.

For locals at Ningthi village, located around 150 km from Imphal, in the state’s Kamjong district, beekeeping has not only been their passion but also their way of engaging with apiculture for their needs. This is also used as a tool to increase the bee population in the region.

The village alone produces around 500 bottles of raw honey in a year.

Following a surge in demand for organic honey and the financial potential, many locals of the village have now taken up beekeeping as their prime profession. Team EastMojo travelled to Ningthi village to understand how the locals have maintained sustainable ecological practices while maintaining a healthy output. Watch the video below:

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