Can we even call it a road? The pathetic condition of the Shirui-Kachouphung stretch in Manipur’s Kamjong district
Can we even call it a road? The pathetic condition of the Shirui-Kachouphung stretch in Manipur’s Kamjong district|EastMojo image 

Between COVID-19 & bad roads, life’s a struggle for Manipur locals

As if lockdown was not enough, locals are now deprived of even basic necessities as vehicles carrying them struggle to ply along the inhospitable Shirui-Kachouphung road in Manipur’s Kamjong district

Vangamla Salle K S

Vangamla Salle K S

Kamjong: Amid COVID-19 lockdown, people living in interior villages of Kamjong district bordering Myanmar in Manipur continue to struggle owing to inhospitable condition of roads in the region.

The early monsoon rainfall has caused commuting a nightmare for residents of around 16 villages along the eastern corridor. The villages include Mapum, Zingsui, Ronshak, Sahamphung, Langcha, Roni, Matiyang, Chamu, Hangou Kaphung, Khayang, K Phungtha, Kachouphung T, Kachouphung K, Gampal, Hayang and Kashung.

As if the pandemic lockdown was not enought, locals are now deprived of basic necessities, including emergency medical services, as vehicles plying along the Shirui-Kachouphung road face difficulties to enter the interior villages.

Vehicle being stuck on the Shirui-Kachouphung road in Manipur 
Vehicle being stuck on the Shirui-Kachouphung road in Manipur  EastMojo image 

Moreover, as per reports, there is only one primary health centre (PHC) available at Chamu village in the eastern frontier area. In case of medical emergency, especially during monsoon season, villagers are compelled to carry patients or pregnant women on bamboo cots to Ukhrul district hospital, which is the nearest from the areas.

Shirui-Kachouphung road is one of the longest PMGYS road projects in the state with around 103 km long road connecting several areas to the Ukhrul district headquarters.

Residents of the far-flung villages often shop essential commodities and other households items from Ukhrul town due to easy access.

However, as informed by the locals, commuters frequently end up spending their night in the middle of the road since vehicles often break down as a result of the muddy and pothole-ridden narrow roads.

Shirui-Kachouphung road in Manipur 
Shirui-Kachouphung road in Manipur  EastMojo image

“We are worried because if the road condition remains the same, those returnees from metro cities and who belong to this area may not be able to return home even after completing the 14 days’ mandatory quarantine period,” said Edward, one of the locals.

As per reports, elders from the area and local MLA are aiming to constitute a committee in order to find another option for those returnees from the area after the institutional quarantine period over.

The poor and destitute trail has caused many hardships to the locals, especially during the pandemic lockdown. Locals have appealed the state government to look into the situation as early as possible but in vain.

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