MO in-charge of Somdal PHC Dr Thotnimla 

Ukhrul: Medical professionals, including doctors, nurses and paramedics posted in the primary health centres, in Manipur’s Ukhrul district have decided to cease work after locals misbehaved and verbally abused a woman doctor on Monday morning.

The incident happened at Chingai village when the medical officer (MO) in-charge of Chingai PHC objected to the venue of the meeting being called by the members of the All Tang Parents Committee (ATPC), a local committee constituted for COVID-19 fight, near the quarantine centre given the high-risk zone of the area.

Speaking with EastMojo, MO in-charge of Chingai PHC, Dr Ngarinchon Leisan, said that on May 23, a woman returnee from Chandigarh had an emergency evacuation from the quarantine centre after she was found to be symptomatic for COVID-19. Since then, the centre has been under high-risk zone.

MO in-charge of Jessami PHC Dr Thotchanhor
Medical officer in-charge of Chingai PHC Dr Ngarinchon Leisan

“I tried to reasoned them out about the sensitivity of the quarantine premises and protocols that needs to be kept, but unfortunately, I was verbally chased out from the village by some of the locals saying I don’t deserve to be in the village,” she said in a disheartened tone.

“This is a collective fight against the pandemic and I am giving my best to assist all the 20 villages’ quarantine centres under the Chingai PHC. And such behaviour from the locals is very unfortunate,” she added.

As per reports, the issue has been escalated to the district deputy commissioner Joseph Pauline Kamson and chief medical officer Dr AS Kapangring to intervene the situation.

Subsequently, voicing against the apathetic attitude and behaviour by some of the locals towards the medical lady officer, healthcare workers of the six PHCs in Ukhrul district — Jessami PHC, Somdal PHC, Khangkhui PHC, Tolloi PHC, Lambui PHC and Chingai PHC, announced that they will cease work immediately demanding unconditional apology or clarification from the village.

MO in-charge of Tolloi PHC Dr Wormichon 
MO in-charge of Khangkhui PHC Dr Rasomi 

“We, healthcare workers, being in the frontline in this fight against COVID-19, are exposed to hazards such as pathogen exposure, long working hours, psychological distress, fatigue, occupational burnout, stigma, and physical and psychological violence,” the medical fraternity said in a statement.

“Despite the fact that the state health system is in poor condition, we are trying all out to give our best. And in spite of all, the medical officer in-charge of Chingai PHC was being chased out of the village in the performance of her duty,” it said.

MO in-charge of Lambui PHC Dr Teresa

At present, there are a total of eight returnees from the metro cities in the community quarantine centre in Chingai village.

A thermal scanning has been conducted to the inmates on a daily basis to avoid any health escalation, she said.

Dr Leisan also pointed that locals, especially the youth, are often seen loitering around the quarantine premises posing a threat to people, in case a community transmission takes place.

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