A rally against atrocities by Army being carried out by the Wancho community in Arunachal Pradesh on Monday

Imphal: Manipur-based Naga civil society organisations (CSOs) have expressed resentment and condemned the killing of a civilian and injuring several others during an Army firing in Arunachal Pradesh recently.

In a press statement issued on Monday, the Naga CSOs comprising of the United Naga Council (UNC), All Naga Students’ Association Manipur (ANSAM) and Naga Womens’ Union said that they are aghast at the reported incident that took place at Pumao village under Longding district in Arunachal Pradesh on May 16 by the 19th Sikh Regiment of the Indian Army, killing one civilian and injured six others severely.

Quoting reports, the Naga CSOs said that the incident happened during a peace meeting held between the locals and the Army regarding an alleged incident involving some few Army personnel who had indiscriminately kidnapped and beaten up two locals — Nokchai Wangsu and Jempho Wangpan — for no valid reason.

Instead of finding peaceful solution, the 19th Sikh Regiment provoked and started firing indiscriminately upon the villagers, killing one local identified as Lamdan Lukham and injuring six others, the statement said.

The statement further said that such blatant incident amid the stillness of the lockdown cause by dreadful COVID-19 is strongly condemned, adding that those culprits involved in the brutalities must be booked and punished according to the law of the land.

Moreover, all the victims, including the family of deceased, must be compensated satisfactorily, it said.

When the Indo-Naga peace talk for finding enduring peace in the region and is in advance stage, it is very unfortunate that such killing, brutalities and human rights violation has too rampant in the ceasefire areas, the Naga civil societies said.

They also alleged that despite excessive and unchecked use of military might by the Indian security forces towards the Naga people being reported to the Centre, the government of India continues to decorate and glorify them instead of correcting the Indian Army who shows no respect to human rights issues.

Due to aggressive military campaign continues to carried out throughout the Naga areas by the Assam Rifles and Indian Army creating a war-like situation, a climate of fear and terror is visibly seen among the civilians, as per the statement.

“Today, Naga populace is rippled with fear sandwiched between unwarranted militarisation by Indian Army and a global pandemic COVID-19. We are not spared even at this trying times while fighting the pandemic which has claimed lakh of lives across the globe,” the Naga civil societies alleged.

It said such act is a total negation to the agreed ceasefire group rules and a cross violation of international human rights.

The CSOs also urged the negotiation parties on Indo-Naga political issues to finalise an amicable political settlement based on the unique history of the Nagas and the solution at the earliest so that such unwanted incidences will not reoccur in the future.

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