Passengers lined up maintaining physical distancing at Jiribam railway station
Passengers lined up maintaining physical distancing at Jiribam railway station|Twitter

Manipur: Third special train arrives from Bangalore at Jiribam

The special train which was flagged off from Bengaluru on May 14 arrived at Jiribam, Manipur’s lone railway station, at 3:52 pm, on Sunday

Vangamla Salle K S

Vangamla Salle K S

Imphal: Manipur governments operation to evacuate stranded citizens from metro cities continues. At least 1,384 passengers arrived at Jiribam from Bengaluru by train on Sunday evening.

This is the third special train to enter the state ferrying stranded Manipur natives from various parts of the country post-COVID-19 lockdown.

The special train started from Bengaluru on May 14 and arrived at Jiribam, Manipur’s lone railway station at 3:52 pm on May 17 , according to official report.

All returnees were screened at the rail station before they were sent out to their respective districts by buses. They will undergo 14 days of mandatory quarantine as per protocol.

The state has brought home at least 3,400 stranded citizens by trains and over 3,000 in either hired buses or vehicles.

Two more trains from Baroda and Hyderabad have started their journey on May 15 and 16 respectively. These trains are likely to arrive at Jiribam on Monday and Tuesday subsequently.

The state government has also arranged similar special train services to transport back stranded persons from Haryana on May 18, another from Dehradun in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh on May 19.

One more train from Chennai is scheduled for May 19 and from Bangalore and Kerala on May 20 and 21 respectively,

Those stranded persons from Manipur in Andhra Pradesh have started their journey towards their home state from Vijayawada train station on Sunday, as per an official report.

All returnees from outside the state must undergo 100 per cent testing and remain at an institutional quarantine centre until they test negative for COVID-19.

As per the home department, all those who tested negative for COVID-19 have been back to their respective homes for strict home quarantine.

Currently, Manipur has five active cases of COVID-19 and two patients have been discharged after testing negative for novel coronavirus.

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