Zonel Sougaijam stood 16th in the ‘Facebook Hall of Fame’ for 2019
Zonel Sougaijam stood 16th in the ‘Facebook Hall of Fame’ for 2019|EastMojo image

Manipur boy reports WhatsApp bug, included in FB ‘Hall of Fame’

A civil engineer by qualification, Zonel Sougaijam awarded $5,000 for discovering the bug that let users change voice call into video call without authorisation of other user

Team EastMojo

Team EastMojo

Imphal: Zonel Sougaijam, a 22-year-old Manipur boy, has been inducted in the ‘Facebook Hall of Fame 2019’ for determining and reporting a WhatsApp bug.

A civil engineer by qualification, Sougaijam was also awarded $5000 (approximately Rs 3.4 lakh) for the discovery.

A resident of Imphal East, he found an anomaly in a recent WhatsApp upgrade, which let users change voice call through the application into a video call, without the authorisation of the user on the other end.

In simple words, if two people are on a voice call through the app, one can change it into a video call without the other’s approval and see what the other person is doing through their front camera.

Further, if a person has his/her camera has paused a video call and turned it off, then through the bug, one can resume it without the other person even touching his or her smartphone.

The 22-year-old reported the bug to Facebook through its bug bounty programme where one can inform about bugs which pose security threat to Facebook-related products.

After correspondence with the social media giant, the bug was fixed and Sougaijam was awarded Rs 3.4 lakh. The ‘bounty’ usually depends on the severity of the bug.

He currently stands 16 in a list of 94 people in the ‘Facebook Hall of Fame List’ for 2019 as on June 10, 2019.

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