It’s 2022, the beginning of another year and while most people are chasing resolutions to become better versions of themselves, some may be obsessing over their flaws wanting to change themselves completely.

From setting unrealistic goals of losing a lot of weight to look better to quitting jobs, people already have a list of things lined up for the new year. But why must one have to set such unrealistic goals and beat oneself up for not being able to achieve them?

Here’s a list of toxic new year resolutions to refrain from indulging in this year.

Dramatic weight-loss

It’s not possible to lose weight overnight. Dramatic weight loss would mean unhealthy eating that could plunge one into the cycle of restrict-binge-purge.

New work-life

It’s not wise to quit a job before you have another one waiting for you. This could only make things worse financially.

Only being positive

Is it even possible for one to be positive all the time? It’s obviously not and it’s absolutely okay to not be okay sometimes.

To find ‘The One’

You won’t find ‘The One’ if you’re out there looking for love. Let love find you.

To stop stressing

It’s alright to stress out when under lots of pressure. Don’t beat yourself up!

Stop watching TV/ Netflix shows

It’s alright to binge-watch your favourite shows, after all, isn’t Netflix our escape from reality in this age of OTT?

Living your life like ‘someone’

Live your life your way and be the best version of yourself. Do not copy anybody else because you do not know what that person may be going through in life.

Cutting important people out of your life

It is better to lose a couple of silly arguments than lose someone important in your life. Give people a couple more chances and try working things out before cutting people out of your life. Especially if they mean a lot to you.

Strict fad diets

We all have tried all kinds of fads and yoyo diets and you have to agree with us on this, they do not work. Instead, eat healthy and nutritious food in smaller portions throughout the day and stick to your mealtime routine.

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