For some of us, 2021 may not have been the best year of our lives but that shouldn’t stop us from looking at 2022 with positivity. Here are some ways to start afresh, let go of the past and begin the first day of the year with new habits to transform into the best version of yourself!

25 resolutions for New Year 2022:

1. Drink enough water.

2. Move more, sit less.

3. Make plans to explore and travel (more!)

4. Volunteer more often for causes that will make you feel great about yourself.

5. Prioritize eco-friendly choices. More than ever now is the time to go green.

6. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Start counting your blessings!

7. Send handwritten letters to loved ones.

8. Spend at least 5 minutes a day cleaning and decluttering your life.

9. Call your loved ones, don’t just drop a text. Make time for those who really matter and show them you care about them.

10. Pick a time to wake up every morning and stick to it! Be an early bird.

11. Develop a skin-care routine and we cannot stress enough this point.

12. Live simply. Consume less, waste much less.

13. Be consistent with your meal times.

14. Perfect just one recipe. (You’ll thank us later!)

15. Turn on music instead of watching the TV or scrolling on your phone for endless hours.

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16. Remember your goals and the big picture. Begin the year with the end in mind.

17. Set a monthly budget for all your expenses. Stick to it and start saving.

18. Try new things! Say yes to new adventures. Have no regrets looking back.

19. Take little breaks more often.

20. Floss every day, take good care of your oral health.

21. Ditch one of the many bad habits you’ve been making mental notes of all year.

22. Create a bedtime routine. Get enough sleep!

23. Practice breathing. Inhale the good, exhale your worries.

24. Get in touch with your creative side. Get crafting!

25. Last but not least, make time for the things you love; make time for you!

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