No Diwali is ever complete without some delicious mithais, chocolate hampers, fancy clothes, and endless laughter with family and friends. That time of the year is finally here and most of us have already begun indulging in copious amounts of sweet as well as savory treats. While there are there plenty of offers all across the town, but it’s time to start looking for sweets for you to relish or gift to your loved ones this Diwali.

So, here are the 5 gifts of sweetness you can give to your loved ones this Diwali.

1. Bebinca

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Bebinca is a widely-known Goan dessert which was originated by the Portuguese who found their base in Goa. Amongst locals, it is also referred to as Bebinka or Bibik. The dessert is layered and made up of flour, butter, sugar, egg yolk, coconut milk, and almond delight. Besides, this sweet dish is smooth, rich, and attractive and can prove to be a great addition to your Diwali gift pack.

2. Rosogulla

When you wish to incorporate heritage, joy, and culture in your gift box, no other sweet than Rosogulla can do justice, especially for a festival like Diwali. A few Rosogullas with an assortment of dry fruits and chocolates should make your loved ones happy and looking forward to more every year. These soft sugary balls of heaven can be found and ordered online from any of the e-commerce sites, mostly in packages weighing a kg or more.

3. Narikol Laru

If you want your Diwali gift packs to stand out from the rest, include the famous Assamese sweet Narikol Laru, more commonly known as coconut laddoos, in it. This sweet dish is not only simple and rich but also ideal as a Diwali gift that can easily last for a week or two, if stored properly.  Narikol Laru can be easily made in home or ordered online as well.

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4. Khaja

Khaja is originally from the North Indian state, Bihar. This sweet, dumpling-like dish, is made of refined flour and deep fried, which not just turns out to be flaky but also filling. After frying it in oil or clarified butter, it is left to soak in the sugar syrup for a few minutes, before finally garnishing with dry fruits, cardamom powder, and saffron strands.

5. Mysore Pak

A box full of Mysore Pak is perfect to be gifted to anyone – be it relatives, friends, or colleagues – for Diwali or any occasion. There’s barely anyone who doesn’t like Mysore Pak, thanks to its richness, unique taste, and subtle flavor that parallels none. A small piece of Mysore Pak melts in the mouth within a few seconds and can make anyone get addicted to it.

So, on this festival of light, bring a smile on everyone’s face by gifting goodies of sweet treats!

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