On rainy days or relaxing summer evenings, an unloved balcony, no matter its size, is a tragic sight. So if you are currently using yours as a graveyard for dead plants or old and broken furniture, well, we’ve some brilliant ideas for you.

These easy-to-do ways can transform your neglected outdoor space into an irresistible hangout. And the best-part: it won’t cost you a bomb!

How green is my balcony!

Potted flowers and plants are an inexpensive way to enliven your balcony area. Adding greenery also creates an illusion of more space as it acts as a focal point beyond the boundaries of your walls. Bright coloured flower pots will make your balcony look fresher.

Verticality can also be achieved with a row of railing planters or a hanging succulent garden that not only frees up valuable floor space in compact balconies, but forms a natural screen for privacy on the deck.

The trio: Chair, colourful cushion, and a rug

Use colourful textiles to pull the look together. A simple chair adorned with colourful cushions and surrounded with plants makes your balcony look simple yet serene. Cushions are incredibly versatile and are perfect for giving your outdoor seating an instant update. It’s also the most affordable way to introduce a trend you like into a more classic space.

Adding an outdoor rug to the balcony is another way to anchor the space while adding lots of visual interest.

A teeny-tiny library

No balcony decoration could be as pretty as the one which includes some books. Fit in a tiny stand on one corner of your balcony, which is the least likely to be bothered by rain and top it with some books and potted plants.

Light it right

Outdoor spaces usually have poor lighting options, so start with additional hurricane lanterns and candles to set the mood. Those with small children and pets can consider electric candles – these are easily available at Ikea.

Try floor lights if you’re in the mood for a romantic dinner. You can spread fairy lights around the coffee table or best of all, get loads of candles. You can also use scented reeds or a diffuser; whichever medium you prefer, that added layer of scent will mentally help unwind.

The laid-back vibe

A wooden swing and bamboo walls look stylish. The colours are soothing, classy, and go with different kinds of decor. To create that laid-back vibe, you may consider adding a hammock. It’s the perfect way to feel like you’re on a vacation. Soak up the sun or curl up with a book, or take a nap there if you wish to.

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