If you have dry skin, you know that once summer is over, the real battle begins. Of course, it’s something you deal with year-round, but the change in temperatures tends to aggravate already dehydrated complexions. Therefore, following a skincare routine will aid in achieving the much-desired smooth and flake-free skin, even on the most frigid of days.

Consider differentiating your morning and night-time routines. “Your morning routine should focus on protecting your skin from the environment, including UV and environmental pollutants, while your night-time routine should focus on repair,” Dr Arun Agarwal, dermatologist, Apollo Clinic, Guwahati, tells EastMojo.

“Use a gentle moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning as well as antioxidants like vitamin C serum to protect from the elements. Night-time is when you use retinol, as tolerated in sensitive skin, and hydrating moisturizer.”

While the causes may differ, anyone can practice a skin routine for dry skin that will be to their benefit. “As skin dries, it shrinks and causes cracks, which can get deep, painful, and even start to bleed – especially in areas such as feet, elbow, lips, and even scalp. Cracks allow germs and bacteria to enter the body, which can potentially lead to a skin infection. So, it is important to follow a skin routine, preferably advised by professionals,” says Neena Bora, owner of Aesthetics Skincare Solutions in Tinsukia.

Experts say when it comes to a skincare routine for dry skin, one should keep these five steps in mind:


Choose a hydrating cleanser to remove dirt and oil without causing a disruption to the outer skin layer. A good ingredient to look for is hyaluronic acid.


Many toners use alcohol as a main ingredient, which dries out the skin. Look for an alcohol-free toner with active ingredients that restore the pH levels of your skin.


This step helps to target specific skin concerns. Focus on hydration with a pure hyaluronic acid serum.


A good moisturiser will lock in the benefits of a serum. Use a moisturiser daily that’s specifically designed for the face. A facial moisturiser needs to be really nourishing and hydrating but avoid products that might clog your pores. It’s a safe bet to look for “noncomedogenic” on the label.


Daily sunscreen use prevents harmful UV rays from damaging the skin.

Go the natural way

Dergaon-based Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Mridul Borthakur believes that there are plenty of natural remedies for dry skin, and some work great for the face.

“Castor oil, lavender oil, and avocado oil may be good natural remedies for dry skin, again, so long as you do not have acne-prone skin. Coconut oil is an emollient that can be used on sensitive areas, like the under-eyes and around the mouth. Oatmeal is another soothing ingredient that can help relieve redness and itching. You can use it in a homemade face mask. Aloe vera can also be infused in oils and used as a natural moisturizer,” Dr Mridul advises.

Dietician Rakesh Jain suggests increasing the intake of omega-3s to combat dryness. “Try adding flaxseeds, salmon, and walnuts to your diet. Nuts and seeds are rich in healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and they also contain phytonutrients that protect us against the detrimental effects of oxidative stress. They are calorie dense, so a handful is enough for a day,” he says.

“When ingested, milk and yogurt add quality proteins to your daily diet. In addition, yogurt is great for a healthy digestive system, which means a clean gut and a healthy skin. Raw milk or yogurt as a face pack is also very beneficial. Vitamin C is critical for helping the collagen hold its shape. It is also a strong antioxidant for our body. Tomatoes, lime, oranges are some great options,” Jain furthers adds.

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  1. W o W ! These are really great dry skin care tips. I have been following a natural skincare routine for the last couple of years, and I can see changes. I follow iahas.com , and I am sure you can take a look at Ayurvedic remedies on Skincare.

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