tea-based cocktails

A simple cup of tea is great, but how about trying a cocktail for a change? Just blend your favourite brew with spirits of your choice to create a refreshing spin on an otherwise traditional beverage. To get you going with a few ideas, here are some tea-infused cocktails worth mixing, to get rid of your midweek blues! 

Green Tea Martini

This tropical drink tastes as delicious, as fancy its name sounds. Just grab a shaker and add some ice and apple juice. Pour in some vodka with the flavor of your preference along with a generous amount of honey or sugar syrup, mint leaves, lemon slices, and green tea concoction. Shake this drink well and strain it into a cocktail glass. Voila!

Ginger Green Tea Cocktail

Give yourself a treat of a complex combination of flavours in this cocktail that blends green tea, ginger, and cognac. Not only will this drink give you a spicy kick of ginger but also of its finely sliced ginger roots used for garnishing. Do not forget to give this cocktail a touch of citrusy lemon juice to enhance its taste. 

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Apple Tea Cocktail

Rim a martini glass with sugar and fill it with ice cubes. Pour an ounce of vodka, green tea concoction, and a half cup of apple cider. For some sweetness, fill the rest of the glass with apple juice. Lastly, garnish with mint leaves and an apple slice. For a little bit of tangy flavour, add a few drops of lemon juice and you are set for the evening!

Matcha and Gin

We all love our matcha tea, but how about having it in the form of a cocktail? The best part is the ingredients for this cocktail are readily available at home. All you need is a teaspoon of matcha powder, lemon juice, two ounces of gin, and simple syrup. Mix these components in a shaker with lots of ice cubes and strain them into a cold glass. Garnish with a slice of lemon and few mint leaves. 

Rye-spiked Cinnamon Cocktail

Su Jung Kwa is an old-style Korean tea made from cinnamon, spices, ginger, pine nuts, and dried dates that are commonly served as a dessert or an after-dinner drink. By adding rye whiskey, the beverage gets a modern twist with a subtle kick. The flavour of this cocktail is truly refreshing and unique.

So, try some of these tea-based cocktails and leave your guests impressed like never before!

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