World Rum Day! Rum seems like a spirit made for all seasons: it goes well with all your favorite frozen beverages, from strawberry daiquiris to pina coladas. With so many fun rum cocktails out there, we decided to compile a list of the most essential drinks out there to make your evening a little brighter or hazier (actually).

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The age-old globally-popular cocktail, Mojito, has roots that trace back to the 16th century. One sip of this refreshing drink is enough to prove why it survived around for so long. The blend of fresh mint, white rum, club soda, and simple syrup is so delicious and summery that you won’t mind going the extra mile to get all the ingredients arranged for the party.


This iconic boozy, fruity drink will transport you back to your island vacation. This cocktail is most typically served in a curvy, fun glass. It is a sweet, citrusy, and refreshing drink filled with passion fruit. Bartenders also add grenade to take this cocktail a level up. What makes it strong and bold is the mix of light and dark rum. The cherries and orange slices used for garnishing make the drink appear attractive and tropical.

Dark & Stormy

This two-ingredient rum cocktail couldn’t be more delightful to drink or simpler to make. Just add dark rum and ice to a highball glass and fill it with ginger beer. Garnish with a few mint leaves and lime wedge.

Banana Daiquiri

This major twist on the conventional cocktail may seem surprising to many but is worth a try! The combination of banana liqueur, aged rum, and fresh lime juice unite to create a drink that has changed the opinions of leading aficionados. A circular slice of banana to garnish Daiquiri is all that’s needed to guzzle this traditional cocktail with a modern take.


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Hailing from Cuba, the Canchanchara is an unseen secret in the world of cocktails that you need to try. The mix of lime, white rum, soda, and honey is supposed to be served in typical clay mugs, but a regular wide glass will do if you can’t find the time to purchase one from the potter. Garnish with a slice of lime for a proper getup.

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