Working out doesn’t imply spending long hours in a gym or sweating out running on a treadmill. Parents should teach their kids to work out from a very young age. It would help your child to grow healthy and is beneficial for overall health.

Tezpur-based fitness trainer Sanjeev Bhattacharjee shared some important tips to explain how working out is effective for your kid’s health. He said, “Exercise is quite an important activity for all ages but if you can make this a habit for your kid, it would be wonderful for their health. It not only improves a child’s abilities but will also help him or her to gain concentration in studies. Kids nowadays are mostly engaged in learning through online classes and spending most of their time with devices due to lockdown and hence expose themselves to uncalled problems like strain, headache, and health issues. Parents need to take out some time and help their kids to work out daily as it can save your child from these health issues. Also, working out regularly can help your child with better sleep and makes them more energetic.”

Bhattacharjee have recommended some workout for kids that will keep them fit and is good for their health. They are as follows:

  • Help your child practice yoga or meditation for at least 1 hour daily.
  • You can try aerobics with your child as it is quite helpful in strengthening the heart. Various aerobics exercises like playing basketball, swimming, jogging, running, cycling, etc are fun and at the same time, it benefits your child’s health.
  • Kids can also do push-ups, crunches, stretching, and other such exercises to give shape to their physique and gain strength.
  • Rope skipping is another good workout activity that you can introduce to your child as it strengthens hand and leg muscles.
  • If your child loves dancing, then make them join dance classes which is an ultimate form of exercise for kids.

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