The ‘work from home’ tradition has now become a part of our life as we need to practice social distancing due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But working for long hours in an incorrect posture may lead to serious health issues.

Let’s not deny the fact that we tend to mostly sit on a couch or the bed in the wrong positions while working, mostly “to feel comfortable”. But this is actually a bad idea. It is important to maintain the right posture in order to keep aches and cramps at bay.

Also, working for too long facing your computer can greatly affect your eyes and lead to headaches, back pain, sore neck, and more.

Physiotherapy practitioner Tanumay Sarkar says, “It is essential to take short breaks in between your busy work schedule. Maybe you can try some forms of minimal exercises, stretching etc. It will help your body to move and avoid stiffness. Always prefer using proper support for your back while working. It will help you to prevent yourself from injuries, back soreness, disc problems and other health issues.” 

How to maintain a good posture while working from home?

  • Avoid sitting/lying on your couch or bed with your computer.
  • Sit at a desk or table if possible.
  • Use a comfortable chair that allows you to sit with a good posture.
  • Sit approximately an arm’s length away from the computer screen.
  • Keep the keyboard and mouse close to each other to avoid reaching.
  • Avoid sitting longer than an hour at a time. Take a break of about 10 minutes per hour of sitting.
  • For long phone calls, you can also use a hands-free device to avoid straining your neck.

We have also listed some of the exercises that you can try out to help keep your body limber and strong.

Chin Tucks

  • Move your head straight back so that your ears are adjacent to your shoulders
  • Keep your chin down and think of achieving height through the crown of your head
  • Hold for 10 seconds, repeat 10 times
YouTube video

Thoracic Extension

  • Lay down over a foam roller or towel roll at the upper back as shown
  • Hold the position up to one minute
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Figure-4 Hip Stretch

  • While sitting with your feet on the floor, bring one leg up, placing your ankle on the opposite knee/thigh
  • Gently press your knee down, bringing it closer to the ground
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds, perform two repetitions, repeat on other side
YouTube video

Wall Posture Exercise

  • Stand up against a wall, making contact on the wall with your heels, buttocks, upper back/shoulders, and the back of your head
  • Keep chin tuck position and shoulders back
  • Maintain a neutral spine position
  • Hold this position up to one minute, repeat
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