One can’t deny the fact that we all are having a hard time, stuck between the four walls of our home. But amid these times, it has also become pertinent to take good care of your health. Eating healthy, exercising, taking proper precautions, breathing fresh air are some of the significant things that we must follow at this time.

Hence, we have listed some of the Indoor planting ideas that will not only make your home look beautiful and keep your mind sound but also will aid to purify the air around. Have a look!


If you are concerned about toxins in the air around you, then you’ve hit the jackpot as pothos plants are renowned for their ability to purify air on a regular basis. Also known as devil’s ivy, comes in a variety of colors and are wonderfully charming.

Peace Lily:

Peace lilies are pretty low maintenance plants that can easily grow in the low light settings. It is a tropical plant and neutralises toxic gases in the house very well.

Aloe Vera:

Despite its spiny appearance, aloe vera has several benefits. It’s a great remedy for soothing burns and healing bruises – making for effective indoor plant design and home remedies rolled into one. Aloe Vera also grows very rapidly with ease for those not blessed with a natural green thumb.

Chinese Money Plant:

The curious round leaves of the Chinese money plant make it a playful addition to your windowsill. It needs plenty of bright sunlight and careful watering.  

Bonsai Tree:

Small, yet perfectly formed, a bonsai tree is an elegant and dramatic option for your home. They like a lot of sunlight with a little maintenance, your bonsai tree will thrive.

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