Are you one of those who believes that make-up and summer do not go together? Sorry, you are just wrong. Yes, summer does make it difficult to carry and maintain that refreshing because of sweat and humidity. But at the same time, it’s not impossible. Wonder how that is possible? Keep scrolling!

Dewy skin:

The ‘less is more’ trend never fades when it comes to summer makeup. Your skin needs to breathe so always go for a lighter foundation and before that, stipple the base with a dampened beauty blender. For extra dewy effect, go for brighter blush on cheeks and get the natural touch.

Elongated winged eye-liner:

The cat-eye trend is classic for a reason. If you want to make your eyes appear a lively, then elongated-winged eyeliner works. It needs a little practice, but is also super easy. You just need to extend the liner beyond the outer corner of the eyes and then drag it slightly upward. Apply on the inner corners too and then blend it.

Rosy Hue:

To get a dreamy look, apply shimmery pink hues around the eyelid. Just apply a rose-toned creamy blush into the apple of the cheeks and blend it well and also on the cheekbones. Apply a slight amount on the temples with black mascara.

Coloured Mascara:

Bored of black or brown mascaras? Now you can style your lashes with coloured mascaras to get the voluminous lashes visible. Use one coat of coloured mascara layered with black or the brown one.


Sky-high lashes:

Sometimes, just lifted lashes works wonders, especially when you are in a hurry. An added bonus? It looks effortless. Use a voluminous mascara to lift your eyelashes or in case your lashes don’t have much volume, then go for good and durable lashes that will make your eyes look more lively and you’re go-to-go.

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