Summers are here! And so are hair blues. There are few things more irritating than managing your hair in the summer season. In fact, we bet you have thought of chopping down your long beautiful hair to cut down your everyday trouble. But let that remain just a thought, for we have brought some amazing hairstyling ideas for the summer that are not only easy and quick but also make you look elegant and attractive. Have a look!

Perfect Sleek ponytail:

A ponytail always goes well with everything, no matter the outfit or the event. But you can add a twist to a usual ponytail by tying up a high sleek ponytail. It’s super easy yet stylish. For instructions, you can watch the tutorial video of Loreal Paris India where you can get an idea of how to make the perfect high sleek ponytail.

Rope braid hairstyles:

Are you having a bad hair day? Now you can relax because rope braids are here to your rescue. Rope braids are convenient for literally every occasion and styling them is pretty simple. Check out the video down below by Cherry Jain to get ideas on how to make rope braids in four different ways.

Messy bun:

Buns are always the go-to-hairstyle for wherever you go: either for work, college, or a day out. Because it’s quick and comfortable and for summers, it’s just perfect. Messy buns can never go out of trend, plus, they look great on everyone. For instructions, you can watch the video down below to get the perfect messy bun in three different ways.

Beachy waves:

Are you tired and bored of that usual long hair? Now you can style your hair into loose beachy waves to give your hair a bit of volume and a wavy and beachy effect this summer. You just need to have some hair extensions to voluminous your hair. Watch the video below for beach waves hairstyles and you are good to slay.

Hairstyles for Curly hair:

Sometimes, styling curly hair can be difficult. But we are here to help. Here are various hairstyles for curly hair that you can try if you’re lazy or running late for work. These are super quick and very easy. Watch the video by Miss Malini to know various hairstyling ideas for people with curly hair.

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