Easter is one of the most significant festivals celebrated among Christians to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It signifies the triumph of Christ over death. Easter week is considered to be the holy week in Christianity. But the most fundamental and interesting part of this holy occasion is the Easter egg hunt and the Easter bunnies.

So, if you’re planning to create beautiful dyed Easter eggs and bunnies for this Easter you can take some ideas from these innovative DIY videos. From glitters, multicoloured to one shade Easter eggs and cute little bunnies, you can get a bunch of ideas from these videos. Have a look.

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Marbled art with eggs:

In this video, you can see how to give an authentic marble art effect to literally any object with a few affordable and convenient materials. You can even give the eggs a 3D marble effect to make beautiful Easter eggs with food colour, shaving cream, nail paints and even vegetable oil. Check the video below.

Easter eggs with coloured rice:

From this video, it’s quite clear that rice is not just edible, but you can also decorate eggs with it. And it is quite easy, too. You only need to take a handful of rice and dye it with your favourite colour. Throw artificial eggs into it, and all you need to do is shake and mix it well. Watch the video below for a detailed tutorial.

Minions Easter eggs:

Love Minions? This Easter, you can even create your own little minion eggs with paint and small craft. Watch this video to know how to make one yourself.

Easter bunnies with coloured paper:

Easter would be incomplete without cute little bunnies to take care of your beautiful Easter eggs. This video will show you how you can create amazing little bunnies with different coloured papers and paint and make decorative pieces for your home this Easter.

Easter Baskets:

Everyone loves gifts and sweets, right? And if you are wondering what to present to your loved ones this Easter, you can create these fancy baskets with coloured paper to gift sweets, eggs and candies to your friends and family which they will definitely love. Watch this video to get some ideas on creating Easter baskets for your dear ones.

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