Thandai is the ultimate Holi drink or for any festive season. Cool, refreshing, rich and delicious, which means ‘cooling drink’ – is a relief in the heat. It is made by mixing some warm water, dry fruits, cardamom powder, pepper, fennel seed powder, khus-khus, rose petals and blending them into a fine paste. Then this paste is chilled and added to cold milk. A dash of ‘bhaang’ (cannabis) is an added incentive to let their hair down.

However, with times, thandai has undergone a sea change. As with other things involved in the festival of colours, the cooling drink now comes in various flavours and colours. Here are some delicious thndai receipes with a twist!

Classic Thandai

Well, we can’t ignore the Holi staple – the classic thandai. It is creamy, sweet, and chilled milk – is mixed with spices such as fennel, cardamom, saffron, peppercorns, rose petals, melon seeds, and poppy seeds along with dried nuts for a crunch. Add a subtle dose of bhaang for a high-spirited affair!

Iced-Tea Thandai

Chai lovers, this is an absolute must-try thandai! Made with the flavourful goodness of Assam tea, almonds, khus-khus, fennel seeds and cardamom, this refreshing drink is an instant mood-lifter.

Rose flavour

The beautiful smell of rose water in Thandai truly raises the bar. Just add some extra rose petals to the usual mixture, and the flavour of rose sings through your drink. Garnish with some fresh rose petals to get that fresh flavour of rose. You can add extra spices to make it sweet and spicy.

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Almond Milk Thandai

Don’t let the energy levels dip during all the fun and play. This refreshing beverage is made with the goodness of almond milk, aromatic spices and protein-rich seeds, and garnished with almond flakes.

Mango flavour

For most of us, summer is incomplete without a touch of mango. This is made with mango puree and garnished with nuts and spices.

Chocolate flavour

Why should adults have all the fun? This one is for the kids. Slip in some Coco powder thandai and You can add some chocolate bars or choco chips for garnishing.

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