New Delhi: With his latest collection “50 Shades of Happiness”, designer Suneet Varma says he has tried to highlight the need of staying mentally fit and focus on joyous moments in life.

The couturier presented his women’s wear collection on Friday at the ongoing FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week ‘phygital’ edition.

The range, inspired by the picturesque Valley of Flowers National Park in Uttarakhand, included sarees, ensemble pieces and lehenga choli dresses adorned with the delicate placement of embellishments and embroideries.

The colour palette was a mix of shades of red, pink, yellow, green and blue.

“’50 Shades of Happiness’ really symbolise the importance of staying mentally fit, alert, being able to deal with calamities and coming out of it feeling joy- it can be through colour, art, music – it can be anything that gives you a certain satisfaction and happiness.

“The collection offers a lot of colours – which is very unusual for my collections. It offers a lot of beautiful light silhouettes and very happy tonal embroideries,” the Delhi-based designer told PTI.

Coming out of a pandemic, Varma said it was important for him to centre his creative energies on the positive aspects of life.

“It became imperative and important that we find joys in almost anything. So, I call it ’50 Shades of Happiness’ – look for happiness in smaller things and whatever will make your day more joyful and happy,” the designer said.

Varma added that he has worked more diligently, harder, and with more satisfaction in the last one year.

“We did the fashion week last season, and we are doing fashion week this season. Also, we have done a couture week – we have never done these many shows and collections ever through a year – so I feel you can sit back and wait for the tide to turn or you just literally swim to the shore yourself.”

The couturier said the pandemic has changed the way industry functions as designers have now become more “environmentally friendly” .

“We are not doing a lot of chemical dyes – we are looking at more handmade, more handloom fabrics, more vegetable dyes, looking at beautiful tie-dyes from Jodhpur.”

He believes the designers have realised that it is okay to create an up-to-date capsule collection rather than going for a larger range.

“We are also looking at doing lesser. I don’t think it’s important to make very large collections and have a very large offering.”

The FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week, a blend of virtual and on-ground events, will conclude on Sunday.

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