Guwahati: Delhi-based Arunachal designer Jenjum Gadi is the talk in the nation’s capital as he becomes the first to design uniforms for the first-ever Delhi Police Women’s Band.

A red officer’s style coat, embellished with golden accessories, is bound to be a head-turner in any crowd. 

“It is a big deal for me,” Gadi tells VibesMojo

Gadi was vacationing in his home state, Arunachal Pradesh, when IPS officer Rohin Hibu, the Special Commissioner of Police in Delhi, called and proposed the idea of designing uniforms for the women’s band.

Arunachal Fashion Designer Jenjum Gadi honoured for designing uniforms for Delhi Police’s Women’s Band

The designer was doubtful at first.

“Even though I have been in the designing scene for more than 10 years now, I never had the chance to work on something like this,” says Gadi, adding that he soon realised the gravity of the offer and proceeded to work on the designs. 

“Red was a staple colour and was asked especially by the department,” he says.

According to Gadi, there weren’t many ways to go around while designing a band outfit using Red, a colour that’s been used and explored endlessly by designers across the world.

“So I focused more on the structure and detailing to make my red-designed outfit stand-out in a crowd,” he says.

The uniforms by Gadi have been designed for a newly formed all-women band of Delhi Police has 49 women. Of these, 45 are from the Northeastern states of India.

But the head designer for the Jenjuhomme label knew well that the first-ever women’s band of Delhi Police is bound to perform at big stages, in front of many high-level dignitaries.

“So, I gave a dignified officer’s look to the uniform, also maintaining subtle grace,” he says.

The uniforms by Gadi have been designed for a newly formed all-women band of Delhi Police has 49 women. Of these, 45 are from the Northeastern states of India.

And for this special band of women police officers of the Delhi Police, Gadi has designed two uniforms, considering the extreme weather conditions of the national capital.

“I have designed a summer look for the uniform as well as a winter look,” he says.

Keeping weather and comfort in mind, Gadi has used a cotton-poly blend fabric.

“I was mindful of creating a wrinkle-free uniform that forms as few creases as possible,” Gadi says of his choice for fabric.

“I have also designed a summer look for the same as well as this one is a winter look,” said the designer

“I was elated when the women officers said they liked the uniforms. They said it is classy and has airs of an officer’s uniform to it,” says the designer. 

Even as he sits and designs in New Delhi, Gadi doesn’t forget to give back to the region he comes from. All proceeds from the designing fee as received by Gadi for the project will go to Helping Hands – Burial & Cremation Assistance Fund. The fund helps people from the Northeast, who live in cities, be able to arrange for for decent burials or cremation. The fund also helps people from the Northeast to send the mortal remains of their kin back home for final rites.

“This is the least I can do,” says the designer, who is also a part of the NGO.

Gadi has made a niche for himself by incorporating textiles from the Northeast in his creations. A women’s wear designer at first, Gadi moved to solely work as a men’s fashion designer in 2016.

Gadi says he feels blessed to have worked on the project to design uniforms for the women officer’s band of Delhi Police.

“If there ever comes a chance for me to design band uniforms, especially in the Northeast, I am happily in,” he concludes.

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