Valentine's Day calls out for a romantic date night and exchanging love in forms of gifts

Valentine’s Day calls out for a romantic date night and exchanging love in forms of gifts, whether be it with your partner or friends.

Follow the list and choose the perfect way to make your Valentine‘s Day special. After all, who doesn’t want a perfect February 14, and some beautiful gifts or flowers?

1. Exchange love letters

Who doesn’t like to read how loved they are or how good they make their other half feel? Write some cute letters to your partner or your friends telling them how good they make you feel or how special they are to you.

2. Virtual Date

If you are not able to go out due to some heavy work load or other issues, a virtual date can save your Valentine’s Day. Cook something you like and ask your partner to do the same. Fix a time, get dressed and video call your partner and have a perfect virtual date with some delicious food, candles and your sweetheart on the other side of the screen.

3. Relaxing Bath

Relaxing bath is a great way to bond and enhance the love in the relationship while celebrating Valentine’s Day. Pick your favorite essential oil and scented candles and forget about all your worries. Do not forget to turn on your favorite music. Get some good face sheet mask with good essence to refresh yourself.

4. Recreate your first date

Go to the place where you went for your first date with your sweetheart. Order the same menu or recreate the day to reminisce the beautiful first date. To add a little bit of spice, get your partner some flowers and chocolates.

5. Trade your playlist

Make a playlist of some romantic music for your partner on Valentine’s Day and exchange them with your sweetheart.  Like those old-fashioned mixed tape list down some of yours and your partners favorite songs and surprise them with this beautiful gift. Choosing the right music can tell him/her how you good you feel about him/her.

6. Creative crafts

Make some creative crafts to make your partner go aww! Use some music and wine while exchanging the handmade crafts to make it more romantic. Fill up the letter with small cute messages or make small cute matchboxes wrapped with colorful papers. You can also crave your and your partner’s initial on some scented candles.

7. Cook together

Go buy some good groceries and cook your and your partner’s favorite dish together. After all they say good food is the way to heart. Use the time to bond with each other, designate duties and communicate.

8. Go shopping together

Go shopping with your partner and buy each other cute clothes which you and your partner can later wear outside for a date and twin. Appreciate each other’s choice, bond and share each other’s taste in fashion.

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