Next time you see a TikTok trend! Beware

We are just a few months into 2021 and social media users are already fixated on two separate TikTok challenges: BussItChallenge and TheSilhoutteChallenge. However, #BussItChallenge did fizzle out but #TheSilhoutteChallenge is still gaining popularity and now not so in a positive way.

The TheSilhoutteChallenge which started as a body-positivity movement that empowered women to celebrate their bodies quickly turned scandalous as some netizens started sharing tips and tutorials to remove the red filter to expose people’s naked or semi-naked bodies without their consent.

So what is the #TheSilhoutteChallege all about? 

Here is a breakdown of how the challenge began and the need to know details before creating one of your own.

The TheSilhoutteChallenge which has mesmerised many women, and some men, is a challenge to show off their figures with the help of a red-light filter standing in a doorway. The challenge video starts off with the 1959 song Put Your Head on My Shoulder by Paul Anka and then transitions to Doja Cat’s Streets. Sounds fun and simple right, well that was what entranced many to the challenge.

Many users put on a simple or baggy outfit when the Paul Anka song plays. Some even don on their jammies and with their disheveled looks transitions to the Doja Cat’s part sporting underwears or bikinis. Some even left little to the imagination by doing it fully nude. The saving grace is that it’s a silhouette under a semi-lit red filter.

The TheSilhoutteChallenge first starts when a TikTok user @yoelise on January 14 uploaded a video showing off an unedited photo of herself posing in an open doorway. This was followed by an edited version of the same image which turned her body into a silhouette with a red background. Within a month, the video amassed more than 1.8 million views and she, since then has shared step-by-step tutorials of how to accomplish the edit.

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Enter the scary part

The TheSilhoutteChallenge challenge of women celebrating their curves quickly turned sour when social media users started to share ways to remove the red filter from the videos thereby exposing the naked or partially naked bodies.

And that’s not all. Tutorials also began popping up on YouTube which provided instructions on how to counteract the filter and reveal what the content creator did not mean to show. Although it’s a blatant violation of privacy you are bound to find plenty of tweets of users asking how to remove the effect. 

Professional videographers and photographers are taking to TikTok and other social media explaining how easy it is to remove the filter and those content creators should at least wear a piece of clothing covering their private areas.

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