Nutella has quickly become a staple for dessert menus at many restaurants

Today is perhaps one of the most-loved food days of the year. What, you wonder, could possibly fall on a random Friday in early February? World Nutella Day, of course!

Nutella has quickly become a staple for dessert menus at many restaurants. A versatile ingredient that inspired many chefs to create tasty combinations as far the imagination can go, these eateries prove that there is more than one way to eat Nutella. Since World Nutella Day is pretty much just a big excuse to eat way too much Nutella, we’ve rounded up few of our favourite spots in Guwahati to relish this addictive chocolate-hazelnut spread where you can go an celebrate World Nutella Day. Check ‘em out!

Nutella Hazelnut Pancake/ Representational image

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Nutella Hazelnut Pancake, Uptown Escape Café and Cocktail Bar

A cafe by day and cocktail bar by night, Uptown Escape serves up all things delicious. Dig into their best-selling dessert – Nutella Hazelnut Pancake – a stack of fluffy pancakes, draped with thick, smooth, and creamy Nutella, served with crunchy bits of hazelnut chocolate, wafer bits, and vanilla ice-cream. We’re salivating, as we write!

Where: Christian Basti

Price: Rs 325++

World Nutella Day
Nutella Fix/ Facebook image

Nutella Fix, The Belgian Waffle Co.

If you’re a Nutella baby, then The Belgian Waffle Co. is the place to be. An all-day happy spot, bursting with a yummy selection of sweet delights, their Nutella Fix loaded combo – Naked Nutella Pancake, Naked Nutella Waffle, and Nutella Shake – makes an apt choice to honour your favourite chocolate-hazelnut spread today! So head towards it on the eve of World Nutella Day.

Where: Zoo Tiniali

Price: Rs 510++

World Nutella Day
Nutella Banana Sandwich/ Representational Image

Nutella Banana Sandwich, Triangle Kitchen

If you’re a true Nutella fan like us, you’ve to try out the Nutella Banana Sandwich at Triangle Kitchen. Butter-fried toasts, stuffed with generous amount of sinful Nutella and ripe bananas, grilled crisp and served warm, alongside Nutella dip and chocolate syrup – this is every chocolate lover’s dream. Note: it’s a take-away, home-delivery joint.

Where: Bharalumukh

Price: Rs 159++

Nutella Cappuccino/ Representational image

Nutella Cappuccino, Corner Cafe

Two things that make us swoon – Nutella and coffee. Elevate your caffeine experience at Corner Café with their signature Nutella Cappuccino on the occasion of World Nutella Day. Creamy, dreamy and oh-so yummy, this recipe includes espresso, frothed milk, and a dollop of Nutella. Try it out today and thank us later!

Where: Ambari

Price: Rs 149++

World Nutella Day
Nutella Pretzel Freak Shake/ Representational Image

Nutella & Pretzel Freak Shake, Mocha

A drink that must have come straight from heaven; it’s so good! The delicious taste of Nutella hazelnut spread, paired with crunchy and chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks, blended together with milk and ice-cream to form this ultra-thick shake, which is further topped with chunks of chocolate and salty bits of pretzels – absolutely magical! You’ve to try this to believe.

Where: Christian Basti

Price: Rs 250++

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