Northeast India is home to hundreds of tribes and indigenous ethnic groups who often exchange recipes and ingredients. A typical meal in this part of the country would comprise a balance of all macro ingredients which makes it extremely nutritious and not just tasty!

We, at VibesMojo, have set out on our journey to explore traditional cuisines of Northeast India and we begin with a delicacy from Nagaland. Various indigenous tribes from this part of the country have recipes passed on to them over generations with special ingredients found only in Northeast India’s Ao Nagas.

In this video, we stop at Meren Jamir’s kitchen who prepared for us Pork with Anishi. Meren, belonging to the Ao Naga tribe of Nagaland, used ingredients which are home to his tribe like Akhuni and Anishi. Naga foods are usually aromatic as the people here use ingredients like Rakkyo onions and Sichuan pepper.

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Watch this video to find out more about these exotic ingredients, where to find them and how to prepare this delightful recipe!

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