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There are a few things you should consider when making a choice for a vacation destination; scenery, cuisine, people, tourism, and culture. For all of these and many more on your list, Northeast India is an amazing choice to consider. It is a peaceful region with beautiful sights and thrilling sounds. It is one of the most culturally diverse places on planet earth, and this post will show you why you must experience Northeast at least once in your lifetime.

Nature-friendly locations

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If you are a traveller concerned about promoting ecological friendliness, the Northeast offers several locations that are ecologically friendly that you can choose from for your visit. A few examples of these locations include Mawlynnong in Meghalaya which received an award for being the cleanest village in the whole of Asia. In Mawlynnong, guesthouses are constructed using Bamboo sticks, in order to promote their clean lifestyle.

Another exciting location is Khonoma in Nagaland, where the indigenes united to battle deforestation by non-indigenes. In Arunachal Pradesh, the Apatani tribe of Ziro Valley have completely eliminated archaic farming methods and have discovered a unique system that promotes sustainable farming. And not to forget the beautiful Khangchendzonga National Park located in Sikkim.

Enjoy mouthwatering cuisines

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The cuisines served in the Northeastern states are different from food found in other Indian states. The use of spices is more minimalistic and they make use of unique ingredients like the fermented forms of soybean and bamboo shoots to add flavour to the cuisines. Each state in the Northeast has their own unique cooking styles and several varieties of dishes. For example, the method of cooking in Sikkim has its roots in Tibetan and Nepali cuisines.

Home to a variety of endangered animal species

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For animal lovers, Northeast India is home to several fascinating animal species, like the one-horned rhino that almost went extinct in 1975. At the time only about 600 of these animals could be found in Indian and Nepal jungles. The decline in the number of this specie was as a result of the frequent hunting and poaching for their horns. Now, the population of this rhino specie has gone up to 3500, with more than half of them living in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park.

This National Park also records having the highest density of tiger species in the world. Other animals residing in this park include swamp deers, wild water buffalo, elephants and a variety of bird species.

Connections with the spiritual

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Apart from being the eastern-most state in India, Arunachal Pradesh boasts of religious Buddhist monasteries placed at strategic locations all over the state. The most notable of all the monasteries is the Tawang Monastery that was founded in the year 1680. The Tawang Monastery is the largest monastery in the whole of India. There is also the Urgelling Monastery, which is regarded as the place of birth of the sixth Dalai Lama. These monasteries are perfect for deep meditation that will pave the way for your spiritual journey or reawakening.

Fascinating hiking routes

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If you desire an adventurous experience, Northeast India is home to fascinating hiking spots with breathtaking views. Some notable examples include the Bailey Trail Trek located in Arunachal Pradesh which follows an ancient trade path that connects India, Tibet and Myanmar; the Goechala Trek, Reiek mountains, Dzukou Valley, Green Lake, Beyul of Pemako and Unakoti.

Blend of diverse cultures

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The various states of the Northeast consist of several tribes with diverse cultures. Each of these tribes possesses distinct delicacies, attired, customs and dialects. The Northeast is rich in numerous cultural experiences embedded in each of the states.

Unforgettable road trips

Northeast India also has daring routes for epic road trips that can prove a tough challenge for any driver. Picture driving on rough off-road terrains with a convertible SUV, the evening breeze caressing the roots of your hair. With its crooked roads and unsettling landscape, these road trips definitely qualify as a wild adventure. On the way, you’ll notice rolling hills, pristine forests, national parks, sprawling tea gardens, gushing rivers, stunning waterfalls and many more breathtaking sites.

Variety of handicrafts

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Several tribes and heritages make up North-east India. Each of these tribes possesses their own unique handicraft tradition. Handicrafts like bamboo works, peculiar to Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Nagaland and Mizoram are a good example. Manipur, on the other hand, is known for gold-coated hand-made jewellery. While you will also find a thriving silk textile industry is mostly used for carpet weaving.

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Interact with professional athletes

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Several professional athletes that have gone on to perform amazingly round the world have their roots in Northeast India. Most of these female athletes like Mary Kom, a boxer who hails from Manipur is the most widely known Olympian from the northeast. A few others include; Padma Shree-cum-Arjuna awardee Dipa Karmakar, who hails from Tripura, she made history at the 2016 Olympics to be the first Indian female gymnast to participate. Anshu Jamsenpa, who hails from Arunachal Pradesh became the first woman to climb Mount Everest twice within a five day period.

Enjoy a variety of musical inspirations

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A lot of the most talented and underrated musicians can be found in the Northeast. Western music has affected the style and quality of most musicians in the region. Shillong which is the capital town of Meghalaya, is not regarded as the capital of Rock Music in India for nothing.

Several musical icons are from this region. Lou Majaws and Soulmate (one of India’s foremost blues bands) are from Meghalaya. You may also consider attending the Ziro Festival of Music in Arunachal Pradesh for a truly amazing musical experience.

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