The fight against the silent killer called depression is one that should not be handled with levity. Many people constantly battle with anxiety, low morale, paranoia, and many other vices that have slowly degenerated into depression. This form of mental illness can affect anyone, irrespective of race, age, or educational background; no one is truly safe. Depression could often present symptoms physically, emotionally, and mentally by causing great stress and drain. However, there are some steps you can take to improve your mental health and wellness and prevent depression.

Accept yourself the way you are!

The first step in overcoming depression is personal acceptance. Depression affects millions yearly, you are not alone. People around you also may suffer from depression as a result of the challenges and obstacles they face. The key to dealing with depression is to be open, loving, and accepting yourself just as you are.

If you must criticize yourself, do it constructively

Trying to ignore all your shortcomings and weaknesses may appear to be the easiest and most comfortable way to deal with depression, but it is by far the most unhealthy method of dealing with it. If you are having a terrible day as a result of some mistakes you made, that is okay, everybody has one now and then. Navigating through these worst days will require self-honesty regarding these mistakes. However, it is important to do this constructively in order to prevent an even worse case.

Set realistically attainable goals

Setting tasks for yourself that are not realistic or cannot be achieved in the specific time limit could make you end up doing nothing. This could then lead to an even worsened depressive state. Start with little attainable tasks that you can easily achieve. Thereafter, set higher tasks and continually increase the difficulty and targets as you go on.

Indulge in activities that you love

In order to overcome depression, you need to give way for positive emotions which will give you a much-desired energy boost. One way to get this wave of positive emotions is by indulging in activities that you enjoy.  Some popular examples include; singing, dancing, swimming, and other several activities that you love doing.

Try new activities

Often times, depression might be as a result of being stuck struggling with one particular activity. You may consider trying new activities that can create several endless possibilities. You may also consider starting a new hobby or engaging in therapeutic exercises like meditation in order to protect your mental health.

Spending time with loved ones

For early stages of depression, it is important to spend time around loved ones. Several studies are still being conducted on the therapeutic effect that being around friends and family may have on your health. In addition, while spending time with loved ones, you are more comfortable to talk about some of the challenges and personal struggles you may be facing.

Taking care of your health

In addition to caring for your mental health, caring for your physical health is also very important. It is important to eat healthy foods and foods that are known to improve your mood like bananas, red wine, dark chocolate, asparagus, etc. In the fight against depression, Exercises are very important. Apart from promoting physical health, exercises can also facilitate the release of the “happiness hormone”, serotonin.

Final thoughts

Overcoming depression is a gradual process, and although there may be a few lapses as time goes on, it is important to celebrate the little successes also. You may also come seeking professional help if the steps listed were not effective and if you do not see changes after a long period of time.

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