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pexels godisable jacob 928000

Your choice of fashion defines your personality, creativity, and style. As trends continue to evolve among fashion-frenzy Indians, designers are always on their toes to thrill fashionistas and the industry with amazing designs that will, perhaps, gain a cult following. But beyond that, how are Indians putting these pieces together? What latest western fashion trends in India have become commonplace in 2020.

Often, fashion trends start with popular celebrities rocking new patterns or styling existing patterns in a new way. As a result of the influence of these celebrities, these styles become trends and they completely envelope the fashion world. Weather and seasons are other major factors that influence fashion trends in India. Here are few latest western fashion trends in India that have taken over the year 2020 and a few that will remain with us for a while.

Shoes styled over pants

latest western fashion trends in India
Ankle-strap heels over pants

One of the most notable attractions for this trend is its many feasible options. Styling shoes over pants is a smart way to take your fashion up a notch, and it can be worn in casual settings like having brunch with your friends, and informal settings, even at the office. The entire look consists of placing your heels with a strap around the ankle of your jeans, pants, or slacks are latest Indian fashion trends one can see in 2020

Wearing oversized Victorian sleeves

latest indian fashion trends 2020
Over-sized Victorian sleeves

This latest western fashion trends in India brings back nostalgic feelings from the 18th century. The Victorian-inspired sleeves are stylishly oversized and create a well-desired illusion of a slimmer waist, in addition to the extra feminine touch and style it brings. This recurrent style gives you the freedom to express yourself in gothic using colours like black or grey to capture your style or with soft colours used during spring.

With these new western trends set to take over the fashion world, you can whip out those great vintage ’80s looks. No one can deny how amazing the ’80s was for fashion.

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Wearing false leather jump and boiler suits

latest western fashion trends in India
False leather boiler suit

This trend takes your wardrobe onto the next level. In recent times, your wardrobe is not complete without including a leather jumpsuit. These pieces are versatile and you can rock them to any event as a whole outfit. The style also allows you to unleash your cute inner Barbie with a complete pink coloured outfit and at the same time gives you the freedom to showcase your gothic side by keeping it black all through. To complement the outfit, you can introduce a nice belt bag or add any cute sandals or boots.

Wearing matching printed tops and stockings

latest western fashion trends in India
Matching dress with stockings

Consistency is the key to creating the perfect outfit. These new latest western fashion trends in India is all about consistency, as it consists of pairs of matching stockings and tops. Irrespective of your individual style, you can implement this trend into your wardrobe easily and rock fun patterns with absolute confidence.

You can also decide to consistently style your outfit with one colour tone or rock varying colour tones and shades in order to present a unique and sleek outfit.

Square-toed heels

latest western fashion trends in India
Square-toed fancy heels

This recent trend puts a unique twist on the conventional heel using heels with square-toed style. In addition to adding additional length to your legs, these new fashionable heels offer a unique touch to your ensemble.

Bucket-style bags

Bucket-style bag

Bucket bags are the new trendy, stylish accessory bags in the fashion world. In addition to securing your valuable products, these bucket bags add style to your outfit. Although they originally were designed by Louis Vuitton in 1932 to maintain the freshness of expensive champagnes, they have now become one of the most popular fashion accessory trends.

Its design includes a round shape and long body which provides enough room to place your valuables. You might decide to style it to match the colours of your outfit or make a bold statement by wearing completely different bold colors. This recent trend really has taken over the fashion world as a result its practical application.

Rocking oversized gold chains

Oversized gold chains

This trend always remains fashionable. This is greatly as a result of celebrities rocking gold chain necklaces and ensuring it never goes out of style. This specific trend centers on wearing these fashionable ornaments in larger sizes. It is a great addition to your ensemble and can be rocked with almost any type of outfit. You can wear these accessories with other jewels or alone, and you won’t need anything else. For an even bolder look, you can rock it with two more chains.

It is important to consider present trends when assembling pieces in your wardrobe, and because most of these trends are recurring, you do not have to worry about the trends going out of style forever. Personal fashion choices are also important as you also need to express yourself through your fashion. A combination of both gives you the stunning look that provides the confidence you need to conquer the world.

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