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Seasons come and seasons go, but they always leave a mark behind. Overtime, humans have come to understand the kinds of effects that certain seasons can have on them. They have a huge impact on our skin and, by extension, how we care for it. Here are some autumn healthy skin tips one might follow.

As we get increasingly conscious about promoting healthier skin, it is important to adapt to every new season as they come. Autumn is here again in most parts of the world. As a transition between summer and winter, it is characterised by a drop in temperature and more dry breeze, so your skin would require sufficient hydration. It is important to be fully equipped with skincare solutions to make the transition easy on your skin.

Consistent cleansing is crucial

It is absolutely necessary to keep your skin clean at all times. Cleaning your skin every morning and evening is a skincare routine that is not optional, regardless of the season. Dead cells on the surface of the skin accumulate and form debris on the skin’s upper layer. In addition, the mechanical process of cleansing improves blood flow and removes toxins. It is also important to utilize milk or cream cleansers that act gently on your skin for continuous use. For even drier skins, balms or oils that would help replace lost lipids and prevent the skin from flaking are very important. You should also avoid using hot water on your dry skin. Rather, lukewarm water is a better option.

Consistent hydration

Constant skin hydration is the way to go for skins exposed to harsh bracing winds which are characteristic of the autumn season. For these skin types another healthy skin tips are using hyaluronic acid is an important element to skin. To incorporate this element into your skin, use moisturizers with the hyaluronic acid serum.

Utilize moisturisers in rebuilding your barrier

Ceramides and lipids which are crucial to reinforcing your damaged skin barrier are also a great way to go. These lipids and ceramides will help you retain hydration on your skin and stop unnecessary loss of moisture. For oily skin types and skins prone to acne, using a mild moisturizer is the way to go. In general, dry skins will require oils or balms that provide the most nutrients especially at night time.

Dr Mikky Singh, dermatologist of Bodycraft says, “Moving on to the next important part of your skincare routine is your moisturizer. Autumn is a good time to move on to using a thicker moisturizer. During the summer and rainy season, you may have been using a lotion because your skin was quite oily, but as the skin starts getting dry, it is time to start using a thicker moisturizer that has some amount of elastin, collagen or hyaluronic acid to plump up your skin and keep it well nourished.”

“You need to be very cautious while choosing a thicker moisturizer. It is always good to use a moisturizer that is non-irritant and non-comedogenic. Thicker moisturisers may lead to acne, so it is best to choose your moisturizer carefully,” she adds.

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As autumn is just after summer, a suitable skincare routine should include a product that addresses skin peeling or exfoliation. With the introduction of improved exfoliation products, getting optimal results at home has become more possible. Alpha hydroxy acid blends help you in dissolving the glue that holds dead cells on the skin to the surface.

“Many people would have been using exfoliants regularly, maybe once or twice a week to get rid of the oiliness of their skin. Going into the autumn and winter month, it would be ideal to use an exfoliant maybe once in 10 days as you don’t really need as much exfoliation. Most importantly, I would highly recommend that you continue using sunscreen. With the summer gone, a lot of people would feel like sunscreen is not mandatory but the sun is always out there and is always affecting your skin. So using sunscreen is very important,” Dr Singh says.

Begin retinol use

During the autumn, there is reduced amount of sunlight which is beneficial to your skin. Another healthy skin tips are using Vitamin A or Retinol, when applied on your skin, increases its sensitivity to sunlight. So, retinol is used in more cooler and light sensitive months.

Constantly wear SPF

Most people make the mistake of not wearing Sun Protection Factor after the summer season. It is widely known that UV rays can cause harm to your skin irrespective of the time of year. Mineral-based SPF are most preferred for their breathability, light weight, ocean-friendliness and its simplicity of use.

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Eat seasonal friendly foods

As much as treating the upper layer of your skin is important, sticking to diets that contain nutrition beneficial to the season is also very important. You should also include probiotics in your meals so as to improve gut health and promote clear skin.

According to dietician Dr Uma Gupta of Max Healthcare, Noida, “I suggest the intake of multivitamins and anti-oxidants. Add vitamin C and D to your oral supplements, in addition to omega fatty acid supplements. At bedtime, use a good cream with vitamin C to feel rejuvenated. And the good thing is it will nourish the skin from within as well.”

Skincare is important no matter the season. In the autumn season, it is very important to pay utmost attention to your skin so as to retain its supple feel and keep it nourished and revitalised all year round.

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