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Food is a constant in the life of man. Studies have shown that no one can go more than 21 days on an average without food. But food is beyond just surviving. The taste, nourishment, and vitamins we get from foods make them an important part of our lives. Style and taste play a role in the foods we eat, and as we constantly evolve to match the adjustments we make in every other part of our lives, so do we evolve with the foods that we eat. With these constant innovative discoveries, we’re now “out with the old, in with the new”, and this may not stop anytime soon.

As a result of this, there has been a constant emergence of new trends in and out of the kitchen in the year 2020. The culinary industry has experienced new and improved exotic cuisines that simply give you that rumble in your belly and tingle in your cheeks. Already, several food trends have begun from various kitchens with most of them targeting the promotion of health and wellness. With several more trends to follow, here is a list of food trends that have gained popularity and may remain popular in India, in 2020.

1. Probiotics

food trends 2020 - probiotics

We cannot dispute the necessity of gut health and wellness. With the recent awareness on gut health created by dieticians, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals, there has been an increase in the truck of foods rich in probiotics like kefir, kombucha, curd, vinegar, and yoghurt. These foods have been incorporated into the daily diets of people all over the world. As a result of this recent popularity, these foods are increasingly included in the menus of restaurants all over the world and are considering the food trends in India.

2. Flours (with the exception of wheat)

food trends in India - Flours (with the exception of wheat)

After several years of constant awareness of the dangers inherent in wheat overconsumption, people are finally getting the picture. Overconsumption of wheat leads to health conditions like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and many more. Many other flours which have become wheat alternatives have gained popularity among chefs all over the world. Some of these flours include nachni, amaranth, jowar, cornflour, bajra, and several others. Chefs deem these flours to be more beneficial to health in the long run, and may help you avoid unnecessary health complications. These flours possess low glycemic index and are packed with other nutritional benefits. There is a higher demand for delicacies made with these flours all over the world as opposed to the conventional wheat flour. Subsequently, this demand is expected to only triple as more people are in search of more healthy alternative in latest food trend.

3. Sustainable Foods

Sustainable Foods - latest food trends in India

With the recent shift in the paradigm of foods in demand, sustainable foods have also skyrocketed in demand. As a result of the advocacy received from public figures about the urgency of this paradigm shift, people have responded by placing increasing demands on sustainable foods. These also include foods that are gotten through solely organic means without any adverse effect on the environment by utilizing dangerous chemicals.

4. Non-sugar Foods

Non-sugar Foods

When it comes to sugar, less is more. Foods that contain significantly reduced amounts of sugar are in high demand. This includes people who claim to have sweet teeth. This recent reduced sugar level trend is becoming more prevalent as more people increasingly suffer from sugar-related illnesses like diabetes. Sugar foods have significantly dropped in demand, as people want to generally opt to live healthier lifestyles and with the necessity to be even healthier in 2020 food trend, this trend is only going to gain more popularity henceforth.

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5. Vegan Foods

Vegan Foods

In a similar fashion to lesser sugary foods, an increase in the amount of vegan meals has been adopted and will only increase from here onwards. As the message on the importance of healthy living continues to spread, more people are cutting down on meat and less vegan meal options and replacing it with more vegetables and fruits. To ensure this demand is aptly met, more store owners are stocking up on more greens and filling their shelves with more healthy foods than usual.

6. Wood-fire Cooking

Wood-fire Cooking

We thought the days of wood-fire cooking were far behind us. But apparently this vintage method of cooking is making a massive comeback to our kitchens. The method of cooking provides that nostalgic feeling and restores memories from the good days, thereby restoring connection to our roots. Although this vintage method of cooking might not necessarily replace more modern methods like gas stoves, electric cookers and pressure cookers, wood-fire cooking is once again gaining popularity and an increased demand in restaurants around the world. This demand is only set to increase.

Final Thoughts

Our society is ever-changing, trends will rise and fall. With culinary trends, it is important that foods in more demand get healthier and more nutritionally beneficial so as to promote our overall health and well-being.

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