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drinks pexel

Even though the monsoon season starts with heavy rains, there is some discomfort caused to due extreme humidity. The main reason behind this discomfort is that the sweat doesn’t evaporate well to cool down the body but instead it sticks to the body. This could make one feel irritated and fuzzy. In the present day and age where the luxury of time is often found missing, it appears apparent that we have forgotten our monsoon desi traditional drinks that not only do the job of cooling the system without any side effects but also offer unique flavors and tastes without hampering the waistline. Here are a few – some popularly-made, others less-known – that top our list of favorites.


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Buttermilk, also called as chaas, is a healthy and refreshing curd-based drink. Owing to its versatility, it can be consumed at any hour of the day – be it during lunch, after dinner, or as a substitute for tea and coffee in the evening. Buttermilk has cooling effects on the body and the good bacteria in it aids in digestion, reduces fats, and offers proteins and vitamins. Like me, if you’d like some extra flavor to it, add black salt or roasted cumin powder.

Aam Panna

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There are no way summers can be spent without welcoming the king of fruits, mango. Whether it is in its raw form or ripened, we all make the most use of it in desserts, milkshakes, pickles, or tangy refreshing drinks. Aam Panna, which is a well known monsoon desi drinks typically made from raw mango, helps in fighting diabetes and easing constipation. This liquid iteration involves sweetening the cooked pulp of raw mangoes with jaggery or sugar and stirring in roasted cumin powder or black salt.


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Sattu ka Sharbat is something we’ve all heard but barely tried. Originated from the eastern state of Bihar, this drink can be consumed in three ways – with sugar-sweetened chilled water; buttermilk with a hint of black salt, lemon, and coriander leaves; or with water topped with grated jaggery. Make a glass of Sattu and consume it as a morning beverage to reap maximum benefits.


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Lassi has always been our go-to savior during summers as well as other days of the year. Made from smooth yogurt, this drink can be made in variants like kesar, mango, mint, strawberry, banana, or litchi. Lassis involve absolutely no preservatives or harmful ingredients and can be consumed on a regular basis in moderate proportions.

Rooh Afza

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Rooh Afza has been the most prepared and preferred drink in a majority of our households, thanks to its refreshing ingredients that not only give the cooling effect to the body but is also quick to make and saves time. The syrup of Rooh Afza can either be mixed in chilled water with black salt or cold milk. It is even used in many other recipes like faloodas, kheer, pudding, milkshakes, and kulfis. A glass of this summer drink can improve hydration, hemoglobin, indigestion, and feeling of nausea.

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Nimbu Paani

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This refreshing drink has medicinal quality too! Lemon juice stimulates liver’s bile production that pushes toxins out from the body. Take water in a vessel. Slice the lemon and squeeze the juice with the squeezer or with the help of your hand into water. Add sugar, black salt, mint leaves and ice cubes. Mix all until sugar dissolves. This magical concoction of lemon and water that this Nimbu Paani recipe has will keep your skin hydrated and lively.

Well, these were some of our top picks that not just taste good but also quench thirst, are good for health, and boost energy levels. For your next house party, replace the aerated drinks with any of these options and make your family & friends crave for more!

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