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The scenery, sounds of water ripples providing soft melodic staccato. But that is just one part of the magic. Rows of perfectly laid-out tables, mostly filled. The air, a potpourri of sweet-smelling fragrances blending into an aroma like never before perceived. Again, a side attraction; the magic is truly in the cup. Is it in the taste, flavour or richness in texture? The fill in your mouth and satisfaction in your mind; here, coffee is truly an art in Black Art Coffee.

Ever since it fully opened its doors in February 2020, coffee lovers in Guwahati, have continued to enjoy their favourite beverage of high quality at the Black Art Coffee spot. Nicely tucked away in Bharalumukh river side, near Shantipur bus stand, Black Art Coffee is a coffee shop like no other, serving some of the creamiest, richest coffees anyone can find anywhere in here.

The Black Art Coffee shop has had no substantial equal ever since it became fully operational. The secret of its revolutionary taste might just be in the way it is brewed. They say it’s a trade secret. Made with high standard ingredients, Black Art Coffee serves its customers unlimited goodness in a cup.

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Owner and founder Gitartha Goswami, a management graduate from  IBS, ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad,  began his journey into this enterprise with an idea to bring the third wave of the coffee culture into Guwahati. His aim was to offer Guwahati coffee drinkers quality beverages using manual methods of brewing like Pour over, Aeropress, and Cold brew. When he isn’t brewing quality coffee, Goswami is expressing his artistic side by playing the guitar for Arogya; a Guwahati rock act. He is also enthusiastic about personal fitness and cycling and searches for his limits in yoga.

Goswami is an ardent coffee enthusiast and the first member of his family to venture into business. He describes the idea behind Black Art Coffee as one that comes out of love and admiration of art. “I come from a family of art lovers, from musicians to photographers and writers. I channelled a combination of the art I’ve been exposed to and my love for coffee into Black Art Coffee,” he says.

From his childhood, Goswami has always been around art. The name, Black Art Coffee was inspired by his love and exposure to art from a very young age, and his love for the process of coffee Brewing. Speaking on some of the most distinguishing features of his coffee shop, Goswami says his 24-seater coffee shop is a place that promotes the works of both local and new artists.

Black art Coffee

Black Art coffee shop doesn’t just serve quality coffee, but customers can also enjoy the coffee while being blown away by the breathtaking view of the magnificent Brahmaputra River on one side of the shop and a beautiful hillside on the other. The interior of Black Art Coffee is designed with a minimalistic touch. If you don’t fancy the rays of natural light glistening through the window, then the site of green flowers to complement the natural attraction of its exterior should thrill you.

And just while you’re enjoying that nourishing cup o latte, you’re told that Black Art Coffee has a delicious food menu with options, ranging from burgers, sandwiches and pasta. How much better can it get? Customers can enjoy the various coffee flavors with scrumptious meals. Working class customers can also take advantage of Black Art Coffee’s benefits like fast speed Wi-Fi connections and other facilities to make working easier while enjoying a cup of refreshing coffee and delicious meals.

The success of every business, especially one that celebrates art like Black Art Coffee, is only possible with the right team who work to bring the ideas to reality. Goswami says there are a number of people who have been integral in the success story of Black Art Coffee. “My good friend Deba Pratim, who is known from The Tea Story Cafe, is one of the people that helped me make my dream a reality. The rest of my team includes; Skilful Barista; Binod, expert chef Sanjay and a team of other helpers.

Ask around from those who have had a taste and they’ll tell you that the quality in every cup is consistent. This is due to the materials, ingredients and top quality staff at the cafe. In Goswami’s words, “We utilise the absolute best and top quality Arabica beans (100%) exclusively gotten from coffee fields across Chikmagalur, Karnataka, which we then brew manually at our own cafe. As for all our food ingredients, they are all fresh & locally sourced.”

For coffee lovers all over Guwahati, Black Art Coffee is a great place to relax and unwind while sipping and enjoying arguably the best cup of coffee in the entire state, in addition to scrumptious and mouth-watering food. Goswami plans to improve entertainment in his shop by holding events like quality live music sessions, album listings sessions, poetry sessions, podcasts and much more.

Some of Goswami’s best selling items include Aeropress cold brew, Vietnamese Coffee, Honey Latte, Chicken Meaty Loader, Bombay Sandwich, and Alfredo Pasta. At the moment, Black Art Coffee is following all pandemic safety guidelines and also carrying out delivery involving less direct contact from the cafe. You can still enjoy a delicious meal with coffee for two people at Rs 500, which is a cheap price to pay for the top quality you’re sure to receive.

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