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Food shows 1

One of the most effective ways for maintaining sanity and staying entertained during the COVID-19 lockdown has been binge-watching movies and series on OTT platforms. And one genre that everyone, all over the world, seems to love is food. Check out our list of 5 food shows that we absolutely love and are binge-watching these quarantine days.

Statuary warning: Do not watch on an empty stomach!

Nadiya’s Time to Eat 

If you’re looking for inventive and easy recipes, this show is for you. Netflix’s cooking show starring ‘Great British Bake Off’ winner Nadiya Hussain teaches delicious easy-to-make recipes, while at the same time offering kitchen hacks for stress-free and time-efficient cooking. Her experience as a mother of three children and as a former homemaker equips her to share her tips and tricks with busy cooks, especially parents and professionals. You’ll be happy to hear that her fondness for desserts makes an appearance in this show, as well.

Streaming on Netflix.

Street Food: Asia

Embark on a global cultural journey into street food and discover the stories of the people who create the flavorful dishes. This series brings viewers to the streets of Asian cities in order to showcase delectable foods and learn more about their ties to community, tradition, and family. If you’re looking to break away from cooking contests, look no further! Street Food: Asia it tells about various street treats and how they have thrived and adapted over the years. If you like this food show, do check out its second volume, Street Food: Latin America.

Streaming on Netflix.

Masterchef Australia 

This much-loved cooking show brings together the best home chefs in Australia to compete for the title of Masterchef. It not only teaches viewers about cooking procedures and dishes, but it also acquaints us with the contestants — who are they as individuals, and what makes them tick? Unlike many fast-paced competitions, Masterchef Australia curates a team of honest and encouraging judges who focus on helping the cooks learn and improve.

Streaming on Hotstar.

Gourmet Goes Tribal

Colombian-Hungarian chef Pablo Naranjo Agular sets out on an Indian odyssey to discover new flavours and forge unlikely friendships with welcoming tribes of the country through his show Gourmet Goes Tribal, which follows his journey through the country as he visits people and tribes to learn recipes, flavours, and cooking techniques. From bustling street vendors of Kolkata to the far northeast of India, Agular is passionate about expanding his knowledge and ours with cooks of various cuisines and among the best food shows.

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Streaming on Hotstar.

Ugly Delicious 

James Beard Award-winning chef David Chang stars in this travelogue that sends him on a journey to culinary hot spots around the world. He is joined by writers, activists, artists and other chefs who use food as a vehicle to break down cultural barriers and tackle misconceptions. Chang and his guests — a list that includes the likes of TV host Jimmy Kimmel, comic Nick Kroll and writer Peter Meehan — venture out of polished kitchens into the wider world to explore locales including Houston, Tokyo and Copenhagen. Each episode highlights one dish or concept, and explores how it is made in different regions and how it evolves. The second season contains only half as many episodes as the first, likely due to Chang’s increasingly busy schedule and the birth of his first child. The first season looks at where food comes from, how and why it is prepared in specific ways, and what it means to people. The second season takes this a step further by delving deeper into the role of food in breaking down barriers and identifying shared experiences across cultures.

Streaming on Netflix.

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