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He was getting bored sitting at home. Nothing much to do he started scrolling through social media and he stumbled upon a picture of Deepika Padukone that was being trolled. Neel Ranaut thought why not try something interesting with the picture. Neel Ranaut then tried to re-create celebs videos and thus the journey started.

“I saw the picture and could instantly I thought about the banana leaf. I asked my cousin to click a picture while I held the banana leaves posing like Deepika. The picture went viral and that was the moment when people started appreciating me”, narrates Neel Ranaut, the 24- year old boy who has shot to fame simply by re-creating pictures and videos of Bollywood stars. All that he used extra to create that unique look was ordinary stuff available at home.

A lawyer by profession, Neel’s real name is Sarbajit Sarkar and hails from Trishabari a remote hamlet of Tripura. This small-town boy managed to catch the attention of many fashion designers and celebrities by his unique style of re-creating their fashion.

“My main motive behind re-creating videos and pictures is that someday Kangana herself will notice my work and maybe I will get a chance to meet her in person. I am a big fan of Kangana”, he told VibesMojo in an exclusive chat.   “I was new in Agartala and nobody knew my name so I decided to change the name to Neel as I love the colour blue and the surname I have taken from Kangana of course, he added.

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Famous fashion designers like Sandeep Khosla and YouTuber Khusha Kapila and Doli Singh have also praised his work. The team of Kangana Ranaut has shared some of his re-created pictures in Instagram.

Neel is practicing in the West district court and he keeps looking for new pictures and videos of celebs so that he can re-create them once he goes back home. Though he is not interested in practicing Law, but being the son of a humble hawker he has to continue with his legal profession to support his family. 

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