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Music is loved by all and is accessed at various places. Generally, we need Wi-Fi or Internet to download music and listen to it. However, nowadays you may find various free music streaming apps. Isn’t it great news for music lovers?

Today, everyone uses smartphones regardless of where they are and this helps us to satisfy their need to listen to any kind of music. But the problem arises when you don’t get access to free Wi-Fi or internet.

You may think about how to listen to your favorite track. For this, you have various options available on the Play Store. Below are the most used ones:

Google Play Music

free music streaming apps

This is one of the free music streaming apps that doesn’t require Wi-Fi or Internet and songs can listen on your android smartphone at a great speed. Also, nowadays the app is in-built in the smartphone. Its music library consists of Playlist, Artist, Albums, and Songs. It has a simple interface and this is a highly used app with good ratings.


Spotify is the most downloaded app that doesn’t need Wi-Fi. This app helps you stream videos, music, and podcasts too and save them for future viewing in offline mode. It is one of the well-known music streaming services available. It has a 20 million sturdy catalog of tracks available to listen to. Plus the BBC’s Playlist service helps you to extend your listening experience. You can use Spotify freely on your desktop. But it’s chargeable for mobile users around $12.99/ month and will get rid of ads too.

Wynk Music

Wynk Music is a top-rated music app that doesn’t need Wi-Fi or the Internet. It’s a free offline music app for both Android and iOS users. Easily search any of your favorite music on this app and enjoy it offline.

It allows you to search for music either by its title or you can search by genres such as rock, emotional, party, romantic, old romantic retro songs, Bollywood, pop, and others. Also, music in regional languages is available as Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, and others.

Apple Music

free music streaming apps

A mixture of streaming and offline music without a data connection is what Apple Music helps in. You can find it on iOS and also accessible on Android. On Android, you’ll need to pay the $9.99/month for an Apple Music subscription, but if you were ever had iTunes users back in the day, you’ll be able to access all of your iTunes purchases by using this method as well. Whether you’re looking for radio stations, new releases, or to create your library, there are plenty of options for using Apple Music to stream your favorite songs and artists.

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free music streaming apps

SoundCloud, like most of the apps, doesn’t allow for offline listening unless you pay for their offline tier, SoundCloud Go. The good news is that SoundCloud Go is much cheaper than standard streaming plans, in just $4.99/month to gain access to all your favorite SoundCloud rappers, dream pop artists, ambient music, and more. SoundCloud also offers a streaming music service that runs on the typical $9.99/month, including 30 million songs from typical artists you’ll find on the likes of Spotify or Apple Music. If you’re interested in that, SoundCloud Premium can be a great deal, though the app isn’t that nice as something like Spotify.


It’s again an app that has got much love from the users. Pandora doesn’t have a huge library of soundtracks, but this app is rich in its features. The most amazing feature of the app is the alarm clock that wakes you up with your favorite soundtrack.

Enjoy music without Wi-Fi with the above apps which are more or less similar in features. They work great but most of them don’t support all the devices running on Android. Hence, choose one which seems better and is compatible with your device.

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