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Anyone spending time online — whether it’s for work, leisure, or both — should know that 95% of the Internet is one massive distraction. Distractions are destructive to productivity and one may be surprised to learn that for every interruption or distraction, it can take 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get the work back on track. It is equally important to learn how to actually stop wasting time on the Internet and therefore to know and avoid distractions.

How much time do we think we waste online by way of these online distractions?

Time and Productivity study has observed as follows:

Facebook: Internet’s largest time sink

YouTube: Top Internet temptation

Facebook applications: In one day, Internet users spend more than 39 million hours

Twitter: Listed among the top five online distractions

Amazon: Ranks high on the list of Internet diversions

Netflix: The top online temptation

Flickr: Top photo-sharing site Internet time suck

Reddit: 10th top online distraction

Avoiding online distractions is utterly essential to one’s success, but that little device in the pocket or on the desktop, the one with the screen and the apps and the notification grabs all your attention.

Scrolling through a Facebook feed or half-a-dozen videos deep into an unanticipated YouTube binge, do we know what’s happening? The internet is undeniably powerful for building massively successful online businesses, including our own. But we must make sure we are using the tool, not the other way around.

Check out the ways to break the Internet/ smartphone addiction, get connected with real life, and stay updated with technology.

Determine what matters

Before you can focus your efforts, you first need to define what really matters to you and your business or purpose to use the net. Quite often we use our smartphones to fill-in the gaps throughout the day.

When you find yourself randomly scrolling through a social media feed, it’s a perfect opportunity to stop and ask why it is important to me?

 Find out how smartphone can be a roadblock in your work

Much of what we do on our smartphone is the result of mindless habit. Often we are compelled or inquisitive to check our phone as soon as we get some time free or a break from our work. Observe how you use the Internet. Consider how that usage supports or hinders accomplishing what you established in the previous step.

Turn off notifications

The constant bombardment of notifications is not helping us get our work done. But the best part is to overcome this problem is simple: turn off your notifications can be the best way to avoid online distractions

Move distracting apps to folders and pages

Time and again, it is important to clean up the phone. Specifically, let’s look at the apps on your phone. It is the same as organising the workspace which improves productivity and enhances your mood and best way to avoid online distractions. Same is the case with digital streamlining.

Save useful apps and clear away the distracting clutter.

Use focus tools

If you don’t have the self-control to timebox your day and stick to a schedule, some helpful tools like Inbox Pause, New Feed Eradicator, Freedom Boomerang for Gmail can support your efforts to stay focused.

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Schedule social media posts

Has this ever happened to you?

Many of us must have come across such a situation. Hence, it is essential to schedule social media posts ahead of time. By scheduling, you’re able to consistently get your valuable social media content posted, without getting swept up into the black hole of social media time-sucking machine.

Timebox specific activities and apps

Another way to manage your apps and prevent online distraction is to use time-boxing, the process of assigning specific time slots and duration in your daily or weekly schedule for particular activities.

Check out your online distractions today and see where you can be more productive and constructive in using these online distractions. Above tips and suggestions will help you to utilise your precious time efficiently and guide you to spend your 24 hours in a better way. Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends to make them efficient too.

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