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The Dark Knight has stood as a symbol of justice, bravery and a symbol of determination for 80 years now. The Caped Crusader has been around for generations kicking those villain’s butts and striking raw fear in the hearts of many a foe.

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939, Batman made its first comic appearance on March 30 on the pages of Detective Comics no 27. This year’s Batman Day falls on September 21 and DC plans to shine real-life Bat signals in the skies of Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and the real world’s Gotham, New York City. 

Now, for a superhero whose only superpowers are his bottomless wallet and superior intellect, The World’s Greatest Detective has taken down some of the most nefarious villains in the Detective Comic (DC) book history. Be it an evil Greek god or an immortal being from another planet, nothing can deter this plain human being from giving the last punch.

So, on historic Batman Day, let us reminisce a few of those insane knockouts when Bruce Wayne aka the Batman stood up and won against characters who were way out his league.

  • Superman

A list as such should always start with the iconic battle with The Man of Tomorrow. The two buds have had their fair share of epic knockdowns in the comic book history. In the comic book The Dark Knight Returns, an armoured Batman is seen beating down Superman with the help of a kryptonite arrow shot by Green Arrow. In Batman: Hush Batman teamed up with Catwoman and fought a Poison Ivy controlled Superman. The movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice also showcased the epic beat down in the big screens.

  • Darkseid

As the mad ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid is one of the oldest New Gods in the existence of DC history. His wide array of powers is enough to scare the entirety of the Justice League including the likes of Wonder Women and Superman. However, in DC’s Final Crisis Batman ultimately confronted Darkseid and took him down with the Anti-Life Equation bullet decimating the New God.

  • Wonder Woman

According to Batman himself, Wonder Women is the best melee fighter in the world. The Amazonian who is the daughter of Zeus and was also the God of War at one point of time is endowed with the strength and power of the Greek Gods who have defeated demons, deities and even Superman. But all said and done, it’s a mere mortal in the form of Batman who defeats her in many instances. In the New 52 with a special armor (hence bottomless wallet) devised to take down the entire Justice League (JL), Batman beats the Amazonian Warrior down. In Batman Confidential no 53 he defeats Wonder Woman without the help of any fancy suits.

  • Etrigan

Considering that this demon can punch Superman into orbit one can just gauge the amount of raw power Etrigan has. This anti-hero is often easily manipulated and has constantly fought against Batman and each time losing to the Caped Crusader. Batman in Batman: The Dark Knight no 5 chokes Etrigan with a mouthful of gas and throws him out of a building. 

  • The Justice League

Now, technically Batman didn’t defeat the entirety of heroes of the JL, however, it was due to his contingency plans against each of the superheroes which Ra’s al Ghul (another one of a plethora of Bat’s enemies) utilised to take out the League. Red Kryptonite against Superman, fire against Martian Manhunter, a vibrating bullet inducing seizures against Flash, trapping Wonder Woman in virtual reality against an unbeatable opponent, blinding Green Lantern with his ring, making Aquaman Aquaphobic and using liquid Nitrogen to freeze Plastic Man, Batman has thought it all.

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