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It all started when PSY dropped his beats to the worldwide sensation Gangnam Style that got India up on its feet in no time. From then, onwards Indians have got a taste for Korean culture through K-Pop, K-Drama, Korean cuisine, K-beauty and of course korean fashion in India . In no time at all, India began to point its compass towards Korean consumer products. The cute quotient and their androgynous sense of style made them worthy of all the hype.

Even though we already had a few Korean beauty and fashion websites shipping products to India like the Beauty Barn, Kooding and others, the first store opening of the renowned Korean consumer brand Mumuso gave the much-needed push.

Korean lifestyle brand Mumuso entered the Indian market in September 2018 with its first store in Kolkata. They further expanded their chain of stores to Siliguri, Manipur, Delhi, Mumbai and Nagaland, among others. The Northeast was especially thrilled to get a first-hand experience of Korea right here in the region.

A tiny chunk of Korea was brought to us by Mumuso. Beauty and fashion bloggers thronged to get a glimpse of the new store in Park Street and, rest assured, Mumuso hauls trended on YouTube. The year 2018 ended with a bang. You know what? As a shopaholic every time I go out for shopping around time, I make it a point to go through the hauls on YouTube. Ladies (and of course gents, no we didn’t forget you), you never know when you strike gold. With the advent of the Korean lifestyle and fashion in India, there have been tons of such hauls trending on YouTube.

From the latest Korean beauty products to emerging Korean small appliances, from copying the unisex sense of style of the K-pop stars to a list of the latest K-drama. The extravaganza doesn’t end there. Korean fashionis the polar opposite of our thumka worthy multicoloredGhaghara cholis. K-fashion is more into pastel colors and oversized jackets, cute shorts and anime tees, but gen X, Y and Z have embraced them with oh-so open arms.

‘Let everyone enjoy life’

Mumuso is a global fashionable lifestyle brand focused on making your life easy as you go. If you’re a full time millennial and a part-time couch potato, I’m sure their global mission aligns perfectly with yours? Then don’t just sit there, go visit the store today.

New Delhi peeps get an added bonus. Beccos has set up shops in New Delhi with an array of baby care products, stationery, and more.

If you like Mumuso and Beccos, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t like this cute Korean store XIMI VOGUE, a heaven for all Korean skin care products.

From cute coin purses with animated animal faces, baby towels, stylish Korean caps for the hot summers, multicolored umbrellas to a fantastic collection of Korean face masks, sheets and creams. It doesn’t end there, oh no. There’s also stationery heaven in our little Indian version of Korea for all you art enthusiasts out there. From pastel color notebooks to trendy art supplies, Mumuso has a whole bunch. The cute quotient is off the charts here. Okay, you may not need them, but their quirkiness makes you want them.

When it comes to beauty and skin care products, no one does it better than some Korean brands. So, ladies, it’s time to put your skin woes behind and check out some go-to K-beauty products. Most of these have natural ingredients.

  • The Face Shop’s solution Firming Face Mask at a steal deal of 150 per pack.
  • For gorgeous hair, spend 15 minutes and a few bucks on the Kocostar Long hair pack.
  • Finally, Tonymoly Luminous Goddess Aura Beam 30g. Now this one’s a little expensive, but it is a match made in heaven for lazy bumps like me who find the Korean skincare routine a little hard to follow.

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 How is the Korean consumer products industry helping India?

Korean fashion in India and lifestyle consumer brands like Mumuso have targeted 100 stores all over India by 2020! Guys, can you imagine having those 2 for 1 sheet mask packs which you bought on your trip to Korea, right here in your city? Ah, my blackheads can now finally have a permanent solution.

Also, India has always had a particular distaste for foreign lifestyle and culture. The West managed to break through the walls of traditions and then came Chinese and Korean brands. Over the years, Korean consumer products, especially K-beauty (we Indians are always a little too sensitive about our skin) has taken the Indianconsumers by storm. The cheap and effective sheets and masks from aloe vera to rose water curing everythingfrom blackheads to stretch marks.

Now, I’m sure it’s not just me who thinks twice before buying stuff online. As middle class 90s kids, we are taught to be suspicious of everything. So finally, since the past few years,our prayers were being answered. Lo and behold, Korean beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands were brought right at our doors. Korean brands were finally turning around to India. Most of these Korean brands have their headquarters in China hence they not only came as a flag bearer of Korean lifestyle and fashion but of all South Asian countries with products from not only Korea but also China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore making India a paradise for a Korean fashion shopaholic.

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