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Whenever you think or speak of trams, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the slow, rumbling train slithering through the streets of Kolkata at its own pace, without a care in the world. Newer trams have cropped up in many cities around India and the world, but nothing can compare to the charm of the tram in Kolkata by Calcutta Tramways Company or CTC. Trams are generally a mode of transport, but it does have many other reasons why people tend to use it for commuting.

Some trams have modernised with the inclusion of air-conditioners and faster speed, but no one can beat the experience of an idling tram.

Top 10 reasons why you should definitely experience a tram ride once in your lifetime, especially the ones in Kolkata are:

  1. Heritage

If there is one place in India, which is indeed known for its heritage, it is undoubtedly Kolkata. Once the capital of the country under the British regime, it underwent a lot of development a long time back, and some of it persisted. The Victorian-style architecture and the old buildings are the major attractions, and one can experience that adequately while on a tram ride. In fact, the tram itself is a significant part of the heritage, and everyone should embark on it.

2 Environment-friendly

Unlike other modes of transportation like the bus or the train that uses petrol or another form of combustible fuel, trams run using electricity. Thus, no pollution is generated in the process, making the ride one of the most environment-friendly ones. Considering the present condition, it really earns some brownie points there.

 3 Economical

One significant aspect of choosing a mode of transport is the fare of the journey and trams are very economical in that respect. In fact, the trams in Kolkata are the cheapest transportation medium in the country, considering the distance it covers.

This is a big statement on its own, considering the fact that the buses in Kolkata are very cheap as well.

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Tourist like feeling

Whenever a tourist visits Kolkata, they definitely go for a tram ride, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. There is a lot of history associated with it as well as it has been running for almost 133 years, and it makes it all the more touristy.

5 Explore and enjoy the real Kolkata

The tram in Kolkata goes through places, which do not have very high footfall or traffic to avoid congestion. Consequently, it goes to some unconventional places where other modes of transport do not have straightforward access. Thus, the real and more profound parts of a city can be explored through trams.

 6 Connects places

Trams in Kolkata serve the same purpose as other modes of transportation, that is, taking people from one place to another. So, some people still use it for conveyance, the primary reason being, as mentioned above, the connection of the unconventional places that it provides.

 7 Hangout spots

tram in Kolkata
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As the tram goes through the heart of the city, many people actually board it to pass the time with friends and loved ones. It is common to find college students sitting in a group and serenading or a couple spending time with each other in a tram, making it a hangout spot.

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8 Local vendor food

There are some local delicacies, which taste the best when bought from the local vendors, who make them. They tend to board the tram quite often to sell their food products, so it becomes an ideal spot to try the street cuisine.

Source: Pixabay

9 Get some personal me-time and personal space

If you need some personal space and want to be alone to think about something or read a book alone, you can board one of these rolling compartmental trains and do so. Again, the slow speed and the places it goes through adds to its advantage.

10 Because it’s still there

Last but not least, you should board the tram because it still exists. There have been talks going on about the non-utility of tram services in Kolkata and how it is no longer a feasible mode of transport because of its speed. Unfortunately, the government might pull the ax anytime, so before that happens, make sure you hail a ride once.

Hopefully, these 10 reasons are enough to convince to you take a memorable tram journey here in Kolkata, once in a lifetime.

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